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Manitoba may not have the European allure of Quebec or the famed National Parks of Alberta and British Columbia, but to those in the know, Manitoba has just as much to offer as its more well-known neighbors. 

For Winnipeg residents, the vibrant Forks district delivers a welcome dose of history and culture any time of the year. Head there to warm up after skating along the Red and Assiniboine rivers or after walking the Forks loop. 

And when you’re ready to escape into nature, take your pick from more than 80 provincial parks. Their lack of notoriety is your gain—you’ll have quiet trails to ski, hike, and bike on throughout the year. 

One thing that’s non-negotiable for Manitoba residents? Reliable and affordable natural gas service. Winters are long and cold, but they’re made much more bearable by a warm house and a predictable heating bill. Just Energy offers low rates, fixed-rate plans, and a dedicated customer service team. Read on to learn why we’re the best independent natural gas marketer in Manitoba.

Trust Just Energy to power your Manitoba business

Don’t let high energy bills affect your business’ goals. Choose a commercial energy plan from Just Energy, and you’ll get low rates and service you can depend on. We’ll handle your energy supply so you can spend your time running a successful business. Call today or visit our Commercial Energy page to learn more.

Understanding deregulated natural gas in Manitoba

In the past, Manitoba residents could only purchase gas from one utility, Centra Gas/Manitoba Hydro. Centra Gas set rates and handled every part of the natural gas delivery process. Now, Manitoba has a deregulated natural gas market, which allows for more competition and gives consumers the freedom to choose between Centra Gas and one of several independent gas marketers. 

Just Energy is an independent gas marketer. We sell fixed-rate energy plans at competitive rates to consumers. While gas rates through a utility can change frequently, Just Energy's fixed-rate plans let you anticipate consistent costs each month. Plus, our dependable service ensures you’re never without the natural gas you need for your home. 

A deregulated energy market benefits consumers, but it can make billing confusing at first. Here are a few things to know about your energy bill:

  • Your gas utility, Centra Gas/Manitoba Hydro, will continue to bill you for natural gas each month. Your bill will include the following charges:

    • Supply charges: Come from Just Energy and account for your natural gas use each month.

    • Transportation charges: Cover the cost of transporting gas to Centra Gas, as well as the cost of distributing that gas to your home or business.

    • Basic charge: Accounts for the cost of connecting your home or business to the gas distribution grid.

These charges may vary slightly each month, as your usage changes and transportation and distribution costs fluctuate. But, your fixed-rate per therm will remain the same throughout your contract.

How to switch your natural gas provider

Step 1

Call Just Energy. One of our dedicated energy advisors will work with you to find a plan and rate that work best for your needs.

Step 2

Get in touch with your current supplier or utility and let them know you'll be switching.

Step 3

Put your feet up and relax. We'll take it from here.

Get more as a Just Energy customer

Fixed-rate natural gas plans

Tired of wondering how much your natural gas rate will increase each year? Variable rates make planning ahead difficult. With a fixed-rate plan from Just Energy, you’ll know exactly what your rate will be every month. Lock-in one low rate when you sign up, and that rate won’t change for the duration of your contract—even if market rates for natural gas increase.

Renewable energy add-on

Let Just Energy help you live more sustainably. Our JustGreen Gas program supports clean energy initiatives and pollution reduction projects like landfill gas capture systems and reforestation projects. Add JustGreen to any plan, and for a small monthly fee⁺⁺, part of your bill will be used to purchase carbon offsets. Each month, those credits could replace up to 100% of your energy usage.

How to recognize a gas leak

Gas leaks can be dangerous. Keep an eye out for any of the following signs on or around your property:

  • The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs

  • Disturbed soil or frozen patches of soil in warm areas

  • Dead or discolored plants

  • A hissing sound or loud roar

If you notice any of the above signs and suspect you may have a gas leak, leave your property for a safe place immediately. Call your utility’s customer service or gas leak hotline and report your issue. 

You can also report a gas leak or other issue through Just Energy using the form below.

⁺⁺JustGreen offsets energy usage through the purchase of renewable energy credits for electricity and JustGreen Gas offset energy usage through the purchase of carbon offsets for natural gas.

You want options — we’ve got them

Talk to one of our friendly energy experts today to get the right plan for you.

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