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Nicole Rodriguez

Do I Need a Smart Lock for My Home?

Do I Need a Smart Lock for My Home?   Whether it’s twenty yards down the road, or twenty days into your round-the-world trip, we’ve all been struck by that familiar pang of anxiety and sudden adrenaline surge. Something’s wrong, but what is it? Did I turn off the gas? Did I leave the iron…

Audry Black

Choosing the Best Energy-efficient Light Bulbs for Your Home

Choosing the Best Energy-efficient Light Bulbs for Your Home Energy-efficient light bulbs help you lower your overall electricity consumption and replace your light bulbs less often. There are many factors to consider when deciding which lighting is right for your home, starting with the different types of light bulb and their efficiencies. Read on to…

Audry Black

Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy: Safety, Cost, & Efficiency

What Is Nuclear Energy? Nuclear energy is derived from the energy in the core of an atom. Power plants use the process of nuclear fission—the splitting of the atom—to create energy. Some nuclear power plants use uranium atoms. These are split when hit by a neutron, releasing heat and radiation. This atomic collision also releases…

Audry Black

What Is Solar Energy?

What Is Solar Energy? Solar energy uses the sun’s light and heat to generate renewable or ‘green’ power. The most common form of solar energy is harnessed by solar panels, or photovoltaic cells. In photovoltaic power stations, they’re arranged almost edge-to-edge to capture sunlight in large fields. You’ll also see them on top of houses and…

Audry Black

What Is a Smart Doorbell Camera?

Smart home security is a natural outgrowth of the move toward greater connectivity with your home and the Wi-Fi enabled devices and technology you use to make your life easier. Smart doorbell cameras aren’t as common as digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home just yet, but they’ve finally caught up in terms of…

Audry Black

7 Ways to Reduce Single Use Plastics in the Kitchen

Facts About Single Use Plastics Nature is a beautiful thing, but unfortunately, it’s been and is still being polluted by millions of tons of plastic waste. Consider your local parks, they’re managed and often man-made by park staff, but they’re often littered with refuse. The once classic walk in the park is no longer a calming…

Audry Black

6 Things to Know Before Getting an Electric Car

If you’ve been thinking about making the switch from gasoline-powered vehicles to battery-powered, electric vehicles, you may have a lot of questions on your mind. How does it work? Where can I charge it? How often do I charge it? Is it even worth buying? Just like buying any vehicle, purchasing your first electric car…

cleaning up after a flood
Audry Black

Cleaning Up After Your Home Floods

Cleaning Up After Your Home Floods A flood can be devastating for your home, property, and especially your emotional and mental well-being—but all is not lost. Take the proper steps to minimize lasting damage, maximize your insurance opportunities, and get your home dry, clean, and livable again. Flood Safety Before anything, educate yourself and members…

Audry Black

Energy Saving Tips for College Students

Saving at College: 8 Energy-saving Tips for Students Your study time, focus, and especially money are in short supply when you’re at college, so it’s essential to make the most of every minute and every dollar at disposal as economically as possible. In the United States today, most college grads leave school with at least…