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Understanding Secured-Rate, Variable-Rate and Other Types of Plans

Are you wondering about the differences between the plan options in your area? You’ve come to the right place. Most retail suppliers offer consumers a variety of plans to choose from. However, often times consumers are unaware of the true differences between the plans. It’s crucial to understand these differences before you choose one and sign an agreement because each plan offers unique features. Plans can vary in their terms, rate of supply, contract length and more, which could all impact your energy bill. Just Energy offers several plans for electricity and natural gas supply, giving you the opportunity to pick the plan that’s right for you. All plans are not available in all markets; however, in most markets you’ll find both stable-rate and variable-rate plans.


    Secured-rate supply plans charge the same price per kilowatt hour or therm each month for the entire length of your contract, but the monthly bill varies based on the amount of electricity or gas consumed. These plans are ideal for customers interested in protecting their price per kilowatt hour or therm from changing, even when the price of the commodity changes in the energy market. Secured-rate plans are also perfect for consumers in a service area where the utility only offers time-of-use plans and where rates change depending on the time of day. Secured-rate plans offer convenience, peace of mind and, because your rate is protected, they offer customers the ability to better predict their energy supply cost.


    Unlike secured-rate supply plans, variable-rate supply plans can fluctuate each month with business conditions and as market prices increase and decrease. This means that your energy supply cost can vary on a monthly basis and your price per kilowatt hour or therm is not secured. Variable-rate plans are ideal for customers interested in the flexibility of the market. Consumers who choose variable rates want to take advantage of the chance of price drops in the energy market and can accept the potential variation of market prices.


    In addition to secured-rate and variable-rate supply plans, you may also find other options.


    Similar to variable-rate plans, indexed energy supply rates can change monthly. Indexed rates can be tied to the market price of a specific commodity or publicly available indices or information and are based on a formula indicated in the plan’s details.


    Prepaid plans are similar to prepaid cellphone services. Prepaid energy plans allow you to purchase your energy supply upfront without a deposit or contract. These plans may be right for you if you have low or no credit or are a temporary resident. You simply pay in advance for the energy you plan to use and are not committed to a long-term contract.


    Just Energy’s Predict-a-Bill allows customers just that, the ability to predict their bill for electricity or natural gas supply. Regardless of how much energy you use (within a designated amount) your monthly supply charge will be the same each month. Think of this as a budget friendly plan with the ability to have your energy supply charge stay constant even if you use a lot more energy one month than the previous month. One flat supply fee, every month.


    Green energy products are sustainable solutions to support a cleaner environment. This means you are offsetting your carbon footprint and/or supporting the generation of energy from clean, renewable resources. Just Energy's JustGreen™ products can be added to most plans. If you’re interested in helping the environment and supporting renewable energy projects, consider adding a JustGreen option to your supply plan. 

    Electricity can be generated in a number of ways with different impacts on the environment. The New Jersey Environmental Disclosure simply describes what sources are used in the electricity generated for your supply.

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