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Electricity and natural gas rates in Illinois

Interested in new electricity and natural gas rates in Illinois? Just Energy offers Illinois consumers electricity and natural gas plans that include secured-rate plans with secured rates and quality customer service. Just Energy works with Nicor, Peoples Gas, North Shore and ComEd to supply customers across the state of Illinois the electricity and natural gas they need.

Regardless of whether you currently get your electricity or natural gas from your local utility or another alternative gas supplier, we can make your switch to Just Energy seamless. Your electricity and natural gas supply will continue to be delivered to your home or business in the same reliable manner but you’ll now be getting competitive rates from Just Energy!

No more guessing games – The Just Energy Unlimited Plan

High energy bills can sneak up on you when you least expect it, even if you have a tightly balanced budget and monitor your use. Whether it's a high electric bill in the summer or a shocking gas bill in the winter, there's typically at least one surprise month that throws a wrench in that financial plan and takes away from your leisure funds. Wouldn't it be nice to have unlimited electricity and natural gas supply for the same price each month? Well, Illinois, now you can. With Just Energy Unlimited you can save yourself the stress from unpredictability by knowing exactly how much you'll spend each month on your electricity and natural gas supply for three years, regardless of how much energy you consume. You can even choose environmentally responsible electricity and natural gas with the option to offset 100% of your energy use. No more surprises, no more guessing games, no more sacrificing comfort for the sake of your wallet – and on top of that, you'll be certain of how much you have left to spend on the fun stuff.

Don’t wait another day to see how Just Energy can help you with one of its many electricity plans. Call now for current rates and plans!

Explore natural gas rates in Illinois

Natural gas is a commodity many of us need. For Illinois consumers, Just Energy has a variety of plans and rates to choose from. Just Energy natural gas plans in Illinois vary from one year to five years, and include secured-rate plans, flat bill plans and index-rate with a cap plans are available. When your natural gas rates on supply are protected for the entire length of your contract, you get peace of mind in knowing your rate every month. With index-rate plans with a cap, your rate can fluctuate each month as you're always paying the market price but never pay more than your cap price. Whether you’re interested in a secured-rate plan or a index-rate plan, our energy professionals can find a plan and rate that best fit your needs.

Go green with Just Energy

Just Energy offers green energy products in addition to electricity and natural gas. With JustGreen Natural Gas, Just Energy purchases carbon offsets on your behalf to ensure the equivalent of up to 100 percent of the carbon emissions caused by your natural gas use at home are offset. With JustGreen Power, Just Energy purchases renewable energy credits on your behalf to ensure that the equivalent of up to 100 percent of the power used in your home is generated from renewable power sources such as hydro, solar and wind power.

Who to call in an emergency

If you notice a power line down in your neighborhood, experience a power outage, notice a gas leak or have any electrical or gas-related emergencies, you should contact your local utility immediately. Most utilities own, operate and maintain the power lines and wires in their service area, therefore it is important to keep their contact information handy. Just Energy does not have access to these lines and can only direct you to your utility in an emergency. For more information click on the utility that services your area.

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