Why Is Energy Management Important?

Reduce energy usage and associated costs.


Energy management

Commercial energy management encompasses the tracking, recording, control, and ultimately the reduction of energy consumption. It’s important for a few different reasons. First, there’s the bottom line. Wasted energy is wasted money. If you’re cooling or lighting unoccupied floors or zones in your building, you’re running up your electricity and gas bills without cause.

Energy management also helps you save on equipment maintenance, repairs, and replacement by reducing wear and tear on your lighting, HVAC, and other auxiliary systems. Saving on equipment costs and energy spend frees up resources that would be better invested in your organization. 

Finally, advanced energy management controls improve the comfort of your facility. Whether providing adequate heating or cooling throughout your facility or ensuring the lighting level is ideal for working conditions—our sophisticated energy management system can automatically optimize facility conditions. This provides a direct return to your business through improved worker productivity or customers spending a greater amount of time, and therefore money, in your facility.

Energy management advancements

Energy management usually takes a top down approach in its implementation. More likely than not, it’s your federal or local government passing legislation to move towards progressively more efficient energy management requirements; benefiting both the local utilities and the environment. Industry innovators respond by bringing new products and practices to improve or reinvent existing technologies with the express goal of saving energy and lowering carbon-emissions.

In the last few decades, this has led to an incredible reduction in the energy required to heat, cool, ventilate, light, and power commercial buildings. However, at the same time, energy demands have increased substantially to keep pace with changing work processes such as the dominance of industrial automation, the prevalence of electrical equipment in offices, and the energy needs of vast data centers and servers.

Well-planned energy management takes future projections for increased energy demands on the horizon and aims to future-proof energy production by finding efficiencies, where available, to make sure we don’t outgrow our energy capabilities. It is the responsibility of organizations and governments to continue to reduce demand and ensure we have a sustainable energy future to live and work comfortably in ten, twenty, and fifty years from now.

Energy management systems

The term energy management system refers to the hardware and software used to control your essential building functions more efficiently. Our Smart Building Control system integrates proprietary energy management software and technology with your facility’s existing or upgraded hardware, giving you the sophisticated control and analytics of your energy usage.

Energy management solutions

At Just Energy, we provide full-service energy management solutions to help you optimize your day-to-day operations to lower energy costs. We offer solutions to help you metering your total energy usage, submetering large equipment or tenants within your facility, analyze your bill for calculation errors, install new more efficient hardware, and perform complete LED retrofits. All this while providing the data required to ensure you’re meeting your savings targets and return on investment (ROI) thresholds.

If you’re ready to get started—or even if you just want to see where you stand—request a free, no obligation audit. You’ll get a clear image of what your building’s energy usage looks like, and it’s the first step to discovering how you can reduce your energy needs.

Energy monitoring

Track, record, and ultimately find patterns with energy monitoring to get the full picture of your facility's natural gas or electricity consumption.


Monitor electricity consumption at a more granular level by submetering your floors, facility regions, and your lighting and HVAC equipment. If you rent floor space, submetering makes it easy to track your tenants' electricity usage.

Energy analytics

Get a progressively more complete picture of how your energy is being used with energy analytics. This kind of oversight allows you to see —and even predict—where energy is being wasted.

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