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What Is Submetering

Reduce energy expenditures with more detailed monitoring using submetering.

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Our submetering solution can be used to monitor electricity consumption at a more granular level than the total building load. There are a variety of use cases for this type of monitoring, but the most common include monitoring of rental tenant loads, electricity usage from large processing equipment, electricity consumption from HVAC equipment, and lighting loads. Frequently, the data produced from submetering can be used to justify funds for efficiency upgrades or verify energy savings from upgrades that have already occured. For example, submetering all rooftop HVAC units at a facility may provide data showing which units are less efficient and should be considered for replacement.

Electricity submetering also helps you save on equipment maintenance, repairs, and replacement by identifying issues before they cause significant wear and tear on your HVAC and other auxiliary systems. Saving on equipment costs and energy spend frees up resources that would be better invested in your organization.

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Submetering challenges for commercial properties

With all the benefits of submetering, it’s an obvious goal for buildings old and new. The caveat is knowing where to begin. Identifying the most promising tenants, systems, or equipment to submeter, without the information from submetering, is almost impossible to do. A qualified energy expert can help you analyze your current usage and compare it against your facility to decide which equipment makes the most sense to monitor.

Energy analytics

After installation of your submetering equipment, the real data analysis begins. Multiple streams of information about your electricity usage empowers you investigate and discover why, for instance, your HVAC system is consuming an unusual amount of electricity at night or on weekends. With this detailed information, you can make strategic changes in your building’s controls to eliminate this type of waste.