Smart Building Controls

Automating your building controls reduces energy consumption and lowers maintenance costs.

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Building Controls

Automating your building control reduces energy consumption, improves efficiency, and eliminates wasted energy. Our energy management experts take an integrated approach to transforming your energy consumption into utility savings.

To truly modernize your facility, you need a building control system that gives you remote access to all of the systems in your building. Our lighting control system optimizes your electricity consumption through the use of motion sensors, photocells, and wireless dimming controllers. Our HVAC controls utilize state-of-the-art thermostats, temperature sensors and relative humidity sensors to optimize run-times and improve occupant comfort. Our control system also integrates with disparate auxiliary systems via standard and proprietary communication protocols providing control all of your HVAC and lighting equipment. Rolling this into a common interface provides you a comprehensive view of your total energy burn both locally and across all your locations.

Energy Monitoring

With our proprietary energy monitoring and visualization, we provide full-scale energy monitoring services measuring consumption at the building or submetering levels. Our data-driven approach analyzes and presents your energy usage, providing you with insights to decrease costs, improve efficiency, and prolong the life of your equipment.

HVAC Controls

Older HVAC equipment with limited automation is inefficient and often a significant source of wasted energy. Heating or cooling a space when it's unoccupied is a direct loss of energy and money. Simply scheduling your existing HVAC equipment with our proprietary software can significantly lower your heating and cooling costs while keeping your offices, warehouses, employees, and customer comfortable.

Lighting Controls

Updating your lighting control systems is one of the simplest and most painless ways to lower your electricity spend. Utilizing our occupancy scheduling, motion sensor, and photocell control software can significantly reduce your total lighting costs.