Energy Analytics: Benefits and How It Works

Reduce energy consumption with data-driven insights.

Co-workers analyzing energy usage at work

Benefits of energy analytics

Data-driven insights and recommendations gleaned from our Smart Building Control interface can help you substantially reduce energy consumption. As site data is collected and reviewed by our web-based software, you get a progressively more complete picture of how your energy is being used. This kind of oversight allows you to see—and even predict—where energy waste might be occurring. Our analytics dashboard alerts you to equipment or systems that are using an uncharacteristically high, low, or variable level of energy.

How does energy analytics work?

Our daily, monthly, and quarterly readings break down usage for the specified time period and compare it to your history. With time, trends and patterns emerge that are unique to a single location or across your buildings. This information identifies opportunities to further reduce energy consumption, especially when compared to your internal records for peak productivity hours. Additionally, our analytics package can consider outside factors, such as weather, and the impact they may have on energy consumption. These insights ensure you’re making the most well-informed decisions possible when evaluating upgrades or budgeting for future energy cost.