Looking for Love in All the Green Places: Best (and Worst) States for Eco-Friendly Dating


With tons of singles ready to mingle, more progressive populations, and plenty of earth-friendly date options, coastal states dominate the field. This correlates with findings from the dating website Green Singles, which counts its highest user concentrations in California, New York, and Florida. Continue reading

How to Compost: 4 Basic Questions Answered


Are you ready to get your gardening hands dirty this spring? Well, you don’t have to wait—you can dig in today by composting a lot of your household waste. By starting this winter, you’ll be well on your way to reaping the fruits of your labor later. To help get you get going, we’ve compiled some helpful answers to four basic composting questions. Continue reading

Top 25 Greenest Cities in Texas

It’s easy to label certain Texas cities as either green-leaning communities or oil-guzzling metropolises. But you might still be surprised by our list of Top 25 Greenest Cities in Texas. That’s because we dug deep, using greenhouse gas emissions, LEED … Continue reading

Delicious Dinners That Are Quick, Easy and Eco-Friendly

Kale salad?!  Again?! You don’t have to eat three meals of raw kale a day to enjoy a delicious, eco-friendly diet. Eating food that’s good for Mother Earth can be quite a tasty endeavor. The good news: You don’t need … Continue reading