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Audry Black

Health Effects of Air Pollution and Solutions

Health Effects of Air Pollution and Solutions You can live a few weeks without food and a couple of days without water, but you’ll only make it a matter of minutes without air. Our air quality is declining all over the world due to increased particulate pollution from industry, transport, and energy usage— and some…

Audry Black

Plastic Pollution Facts and Solutions

The Persistent Problem of Plastic Pollution The invention of plastic was a transformative breakthrough when it first invented. Plastics are convenient, lightweight, and durable. They can be molded into any shape and can be mass produced cheaply and quickly. However those same qualities that make plastic ubiquitous today—also have long-term repercussions for the environment.[1] How…

Nicole Rodriguez

15 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

15 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Climate change is the result of increasing levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, primarily referenced in terms of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The longer we delay action on climate change, the worse its effects will be. Every person, business, organization, and government can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions,…

Audry Black

Tips for Cardboard Recycling this Holiday Season

Tips for Cardboard Recycling this Holiday Season The holiday shopping season is here—alongside a barrage of cardboard packages arriving at the door. Between ordering gifts for the holidays and treating yourself to some sweet seasonal online discounts, many households are bound to receive an awful lot of packages around this time of year. Anxiously awaiting…

Audry Black

8 Climate Change Facts and Myths

8 Climate Change Facts and Myths Climate change is the greatest threat humankind faces today. We’ve already seen significant glacial melting, rising sea levels, raging wildfires, the migration of dangerous parasites and disease vectors like mosquitos and ticks, and—most notably—extreme and devastating weather events. All signs show that the problem is only going to get…

Audry Black

What Are Carbon Offsets?

What Are Carbon Offsets? Practically everything we do, buy, and eat consumes energy and produces carbon emissions in some form or another. There are the obvious culprits: fossil fuels used driving to go shopping, flights near and far, and switching on the lights. The products we purchase also come with their own individual carbon footprints…

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Nicole Rodriguez

Just Energy CEO Talks Customer Service Philosophy and Retail Energy Innovations

CEO of Just Energy Talks Customer Service Philosophy and Retail Energy Innovations   Just Energy is moving away from the traditional, commodity-based business model and revolutionizing what it means to be a retail energy supplier in an increasingly digital market. Learn more about Just Energy CEO Patrick McCullough’s vision for Just Energy and consider how…

Audry Black

Wind Energy: Pros and Cons

What Is Wind Energy? Wind energy is a renewable energy that harnesses energy generated by wind through the use of wind turbines that convert it into it into electricity. Wind technically comes from the sun as a byproduct of differences in temperature. Wind is generated from the uneven heating of the atmosphere, mountains, valleys, and…

Audry Black

7 Types of Renewable Energy: The Future of Energy

What Is Renewable Energy? Renewable energy is energy that has been derived from earth’s natural resources that are not finite or exhaustible, such as wind and sunlight. Renewable energy is an alternative to the traditional energy that relies on fossil fuels, and it tends to be much  less harmful to the environment. 7 Types of…