Just Energy Group™

Just Energy GroupTM  is a provider of energy solutions to residential and commercial customers through fixed and variable electricity and natural gas products, green energy products, smart thermostats, solar products, energy brokerage services and more.

Our brands are: 


Just Energy

With a vision to revolutionize how our customers use energy, Just Energy is a leading competitive North American retailer of natural gas, electricity and green energy products.  With regional offices across Canada and the U.S., Just Energy serves more than 2 million residential and commercial customers through a wide range of energy plans and home comfort services. The company's simple and effective green energy products provide consumers with greater choice and control to help them reduce the environmental impact of their everyday energy use. Established in 1997, Just Energy is a publicly traded corporation (NYSE:JE and TSX: JE) and parent to affiliate companies: Amigo Energy, Commerce Energy, Hudson Energy, Tara Energy, TerraPass, Just Energy Solar, and Green Star Energy.

Visit www.justenergy.com to learn more.



Amigo Energy

Amigo Energy is a full-service Retail Electric Provider (REP) to residential and commercial customers in Texas. The company operates in nearly all deregulated transmission areas in the State providing competitive rates and superior customer service with a view to building long term relationships and satisfaction.

Visit www.amigoenergy.com to learn more.



Commerce Energy

Commerce Energy is a leader in the commodity supply industry that provides electric power and natural gas supply to residential and commercial customers in California, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The company offers competitive variable and fixed priced commodity supply programs designed to help consumers better manage and budget their energy costs. With the company's green energy products, customers can choose to offset up to 100% of the negative impact of their everyday energy use through renewable power and/or carbon emission reduction projects.

 Visit www.commerceenergy.com to learn more.



Hudson Energy

Hudson Energy is a specialist in providing index and fixed price energy products tailored for commercial customers. With over 125,000 customers, Hudson Energy is one of the fastest growing business-to-business suppliers of electric power and natural gas commodity in North America. Large and small business owners look to Hudson Energy for stability and predictability to help them control their energy costs and budget one of their most significant business expenses more effectively.

Visit www.hudsonenergy.net to learn more.



Tara Energy

Tara Energy is one of the largest independent Retail Electric Providers (REPs) in Texas serving both residential and commercial customers. Founded in 2002, the Houston-based company is also one of the leading affinity-based marketers in the State. Partnering with numerous trade associations, over 1.5 million affinity members trust Tara's ability to offer superior value with outstanding personalized customer service. By putting its customers first, Tara Energy enjoys one of the highest retention rates in the industry.

Visit www.taraenergy.com to learn more.



Green Star Energy

Launched in 2013, Green Star Energy provides residential consumers with a fresh alternative for their gas and electricity supply needs. Households across the UK gain simple and seamless options through fixed or variable-priced programs from a company dedicated to delivering competitively-priced energy solutions and superior customer experiences. Green Star Energy is a subsidiary of Just Energy Group Inc., a publicly traded company (NYSE:JE and TSX:JE) serving close to 2 million customers across North America.

Visit www.mygreenstarenergy.com to learn more.




TerraPass, a provider of sustainable carbon emissions solutions since 2004, is one of Just Energy Group's green energy initiatives that can help us all work towards a cleaner planet by pursuing sustainable solutions to climate change. We support projects throughout North America that destroy greenhouse gases and produce renewable energy. The TerraPass products and services provide consumers and businesses with the options and ability to help them reduce the environmental impact of their everyday activities through carbon offsets and renewable energy credits.

Learn more at www.terrapass.com. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest. TerraPass is a registered trade name of Just Energy Resources LLC.



Just Energy Solar

Just Energy Solar, a division of Just Energy Group, has aligned with strategic partners to bring the best possible solar energy solution to the marketplace. Combining JE's retail competencies and 1.6 million residential customer base, with the industry experience of our strategic partners, we form a leading team in solar engineering, design, and customer service. We form communities, we share resources, and we all live under the same sun. This is our home, and we have to protect it. Every person on the planet should have the freedom to choose sustainable power and take control of their future.

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