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Skydrop Water Savings

Just Energy is proud to introduce our Water Savings Program, to help customers save money, valuable time, and water! We’ve teamed up with Skydrop, whose mission is to help homeowners reduce their water consumption.

Smart sprinkler controllers use real-time weather data to determine exactly where and when to water your lawn. You conserve water while maintaining a beautiful yard.

Don’t get caught off guard with thunderstorms or water bans. We monitor local weather and water restrictions so you don’t have to.

Get more Savings, Convenience and Control with Skydrop



Save up to 30% on your water usage with a smart sprinkler controller that adjusts to real-time weather conditions.1



Manage your smart sprinkler controller remotely from your smartphone, computer or tablet.



Local water restrictions are updated automatically, so you’re never caught off guard.

Skydrop can save the average household nearly 9,000 gallons of water each year3, equivalent to:




Toilet flushes2


Dishwasher loads2

Our smart sprinkler controller features:

  • Full customization with up to 8 unique lawn zones, and free access to real-time usage reports.
  • Connects to your Wi-Fi and integrates with other smart devices and systems, including hands-free home controllers, Amazon Alexa, and more.
  • Additional lawn zones and professional installation and set-up option available.
Standard Sprinkler Control
  • Manual adjustment required for change in weather conditions
  • Set by user and repeat preprogrammed scheduled
  • Locally controlled only
  • Has the potential to overwater or underwater
Smart sprinkler controller
  • Dynamic watering based on local weather and landscape types to prevent under or overwatering
  • Set it and forget it
  • Control from anywhere
  • Controller automatically adjusts to local watering restrictions

Meet the app:

You’re always connected with the Skydrop mobile app.

  • Adjust settings from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Access real-time watering schedules and savings reports.
  • Receive notifications and alerts about your schedules, rain delays, and freeze warnings.
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See if you’re eligible for a rebate!

Government agencies and utilities offer a variety of rebates, tax credits, and incentives to support water conservation efforts. See if you’re eligible for any rebates by checking with your local water utility.


Smart watering utilizes an automated watering schedule, which incorporates weather forecasting, local water restrictions, and user generated information to ensure your lawn gets the ideal amount of water. A smart sprinkler controller calculates the rate water leaves your soil depending on weather conditions such as temperature, wind speed, solar radiation, humidity and precipitation along with landscape characteristics such as soil type, plant type and shade.
Our smart sprinkler controller is able to manage up to 8 zones. Each zone can be set up differently according to soil, sprinkler, plant type, slope, shade, and more! With the Expansion Module, an additional 8-zones can be managed for a total of 16 zones. The Expansion Module also allows for rain sensor or flow meter integration.
The controller utilizes your Wi-Fi connection to the Skydrop cloud and our network of weather stations. The cloud service constantly monitors real-time weather in your specific location and determines the optimal watering schedule based on weather conditions.
The controller will replace your existing sprinkler control system, but not existing valves or wires.
The smart sprinkler controller is WaterSense® Certified by the EPA. The controller anticipates watering needs based on future weather predictions, which are analyzed several times per day. After initial setup, the controller enters a learning period, to fine tune schedules and maximize efficiency. All of these features allow the smart sprinkler controller to only water when and where your lawn needs it, saving you up to 30% on your water usage.*
Our smart sprinkler controller integrates with other smart home systems such as Nest, Alexa, Echo, alarm controllers, home solar systems, outdoor lighting and more!

1. Potential savings varies according to geographic location, usage, and other factors: 2. Assuming 10 minute shower, with low flow shower head, equal to 20 gallons used per shower. Based upon 2 gallons used per toilet flush. Assuming a water-saving/Energy Star certified dishwasher is used at 4 gallons of water per load.  3.

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