Unlimited PA - unlimitedpa

Unlimited electricity and natural gas for one monthly price.

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Please enter your LDC Account Number located on your Utility bill and Zip Code to get started.

We're sorry, this offer is only available to Texas residents.

Take comfort in knowing you’ll pay the same for your electricity and natural gas supply for 2 years, no matter how much you use.

Most people don't know exactly how much their electricity and natural gas bills are going to be until they receive them. That's because energy markets are volatile and consumption levels vary each month.

At Just Energy, we believe in a transparent price for your supply so you know exactly how much you're paying each and every month. It's called the Unlimited Plan from Just Energy. No matter how much electricity or natural gas you use, your monthly supply price remains the same.

With the unlimited plan you will receive:

  • No Surprises.
    Pay the same price for your electricity and natural gas supply each month for your 2 year term. Don't sacrifice comfort. When it's cold outside you can turn the heat up without worrying about your supply bill. And when it's hot in the summer, you can enjoy a comfortable temperature without worrying about the energy market or rate volatility. You'll pay the same price each and every month for your electricity and natural gas supply.
  • Great Perks.
    Get 2 FREE LED bulbs and 12,000 Perks points when you enroll in the Unlimited Plan.* That's equivalent to $120! Plus, double the value of your points when you redeem for energy efficient products. Visit our Just Energy Perks website for all redemption options.
  • Environmentally Responsible Energy.
    The equivalent of 100% of your energy consumption is offset through purchases of renewable energy credits and/or carbon offsets from projects in North America. Learn more about green energy.
Deregulation in Pennsylvania

Deregulation has taken place in many states and provinces throughout North America. It has allowed competitive energy suppliers, such as Just Energy, to enter the markets and offer their energy supply products to consumers. In deregulated markets, consumers can choose their supplier, similar to other common household service providers.

Your utility is still responsible for the distribution of the commodity to your home regardless of the supplier you choose. The supply price however is not set by that same utility. You will still be billed by your utility.