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We know you appreciate a good deal, and that’s why we’re offering Ace Cash Express customers great rates on our most popular plans!

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Nights Free Plan

Choose our free nights plan, you pay nothing for any electricity used between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. every day.1 It’s a great way for you to lower your nightly energy expenses—and your daytime electricity rate is protected for the next 24 to 36 months at a fixed rate.

10 hr

Our Longest Free Night

Get no-charge electricity every night between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.!

Pick Your Term Length

Choose from plans that range from 24 months to 36 months.

Rate Protection

Enjoy a secure, fixed rate for up to three years with this plan.

Basics Plan

Find simplicity in our Basics Electricity Plan. You pay the same secure rate for your electricity, no matter the hour or time of year. Enroll today and secure your rate for 2 years!

Same Rate All Day Long

Consistent pricing means you don't have to watch the clock.

A Great Deal on Electricity

This plan is one of our most affordable options available.

Fixed-rate Price Protection

Secure your rate to avoid shifts in market pricing.

Add JustGreen to Your Plan!

When you sign up for JustGreen, up to 100% of the electricity used to power your home comes from renewable energy resources. It’s an affordable way to help support green energy initiatives and feel better about your environmental footprint.

Why Choose Just Energy

Our competitive prices on electricity aren’t the only reason to sign up for one of our plans. We also have unbeatable customer service, green energy options, a rewards program, same-day service, and no-deposit electricity available.

VIP Customer Service

All Just Energy customers get a real, live person on the phone when you call in. No hour-long wait times. No confusing menus. No robots.

JustGreen Electricity

Depending on your home size and energy usage, you can offset 100% of your energy usage for as little as the price of your weekly latte. Add JustGreen to any Just Energy plan.

Perks Rewards Program

Our Perks Rewards Program allows you to redeem your points for smart, energy-efficient devices that help you monitor and reduce your electricity and water usage. Learn more

No-deposit Same-day Service

Need service to get your electric service set up immediately? If you register before 2 p.m. and you could get same-day service!²

Terms and Conditions:

1. Offer is available to Texas residential customers. Plan bills $4.95 base charge, energy charge including Transmission and Distribution charges each billing cycle for all hours. Usage consumed between 9 pm and 7 am daily is credited on your bill.

2. Offer currently available to TX customers only. Must call before 2 p.m. CT to get same day installation. Must have Advance Meter. Other Terms and Conditions apply.

3. The Just Energy Perks Rewards Program is valid in the United States and Canada.