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TNMP: Texas-New Mexico Power Company

  • TNMP service area: Texas
  • TNMP phone number: 1-888-866-7456
  • TNMP, formally known as Texas-New Mexico Power Company, is a Texas electric utility with 230,000 customers. Despite its name, TNMP no longer serves consumers in New Mexico. As a Texas electric utility, this company takes care of electric transmission and distribution, delivering energy to customers in the TNMP service area. Texas-New Mexico Power Company transports electricity from generation facilities to home and business end users. TNMP also maintains all the power lines in the TNMP service area.

    While a Texas electric utility maintains electric transmission and distribution, retail electric providers (REPs) sell electricity supply to customers. In Texas, the prices for supply and electric transmission and distribution are separate. Your Texas electric utility, Texas-New Mexico Power, sends you your electricity. However, you buy the electricity supply from a REP.

    How to shop Just Energy rates in the Texas-New Mexico Power area

    Just Energy is a popular retail electric provider available to Texas-New Mexico Power consumers. The company has millions of customers throughout the United States and Canada. If you live in the TNMP service area, you likely can sign up for electricity with Just Energy. This retailer offers a variety of different types of rates, as well as green energy plans.

    Just Energy offers fixed, variable and indexed supply rates. Fixed supply rates remain the same for your entire service term. Your cost per kilowatt hour will not change each month. Any increases or decreases to your monthly energy bill will be due to changes in your energy consumption. Obviously if you use more energy, your bill will grow. If you cut down on your usage, you’ll see a smaller bill.

    Variable supply rates are sometimes lower than fixed rates, but they are subject to change. While they might be lower one month, they could increase the next month. These changes are due to a fluctuating energy market. Indexed supply rates are usually dependent on another commodity, often natural gas. Your supply rate may change during the contract depending on the market price of natural gas.

    Call today if you live in the TNMP service area and want to become a Just Energy customer. You just need to give an agent your ZIP code to shop energy plans and rates available in your neighborhood. As a Just Energy customer, you’ll still receive service from your Texas electric utility but you’ll have the freedom to choose your own energy plan.

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