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Oncor Electricity Rates

Found in 91 Texas counties

  • Oncor electric service area: Texas
  • Power outage phone number: 1-888-313-4747

Oncor is one of several Texas utilities. It serves 402 cities in 91 counties across the state. The Oncor electric service area covers almost one-third of Texas. You likely receive electricity from this utility if you live near or in Midland, Odessa, Dallas, Fort Worth, Tyler or Waco. In fact, Oncor has 10 million customers and 3,000 employees. These workers maintain the largest electric power distribution and transmission system in Texas, with 119,000 miles of lines and 3 million energy meters.

Electric power distribution companies, such as Oncor, are in charge of transmitting electricity from generation facilities to local homes and businesses. These companies also keep transmission and distribution lines in working order. If residents experience power outages or see fallen lines, they should call the appropriate utility to fix the problem.

Learn about Oncor electric service and Texas deregulation

If you live in the Oncor electric service area, you rely on this company for your electric power distribution. However, who do you pay for the energy itself? North Texas electricity providers sell energy supply and they are the companies you pay for electricity.

Texas is a deregulated state, meaning residents buy electric power distribution and electric supply from different companies. Oncor, a regulated utility, sends you your electricity, but you need to shop North Texas electricity providers for your electricity supply. These other companies are called retail electric providers.

After you learn about Oncor electric service and electric power distribution, you can start to shop energy supply. One of the North Texas electricity providers is Just Energy. Millions of customers in the United States and Canada buy their energy supply from this company.

Just Energy offers variable, indexed and fixed supply rates. A fixed rate remains consistent for the duration of your service term, while variable and indexed rates are subject to change each month. These changes are often affected by electricity supply and demand, which can be influenced by many things. The weather is one: a heat wave can drive up demand or a hurricane can interrupt generation and the supply chain.

Call Just Energy today to learn about energy plan options in your area. A knowledgeable agent can answer any questions you have about Just Energy, and all you need to shop available plans in your area is your ZIP code.

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