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Has it been a while since you shopped Waco electricity rates? If so, it may be time to compare electricity prices for supply again. If you've never compared competitive electricity supply rates, now is the time to start! Waco is one of Texas' deregulated areas. With deregulation, you choose your retail electricity provider (REP). You no longer have to settle for supply rates provided by the utility and instead can shop for an alternative plan. Take advantage of your power to choose an electricity supply plan. It gives you the opportunity to compare REPs and find a supply plan fits the needs of your Waco home or business.

Home to Baylor University, the Texas Sports Hall of Fame and the Dr Pepper Museum, Waco is considered the heartland of Texas thanks to its charming atmosphere. Energy choice is just another part of what makes Waco a great city.

As you shop for Waco electricity rates, take a look at Just Energy's competitive offers. With many energy options, including variable- and fixed-rate electricity plans, Just Energy in Waco can meet the needs of both residents and businesses.

Compare electricity prices in Waco

You wouldn't buy other big purchase items without shopping around first, so why do that with your electricity? In Waco, you have many different options to choose from. If you want to find a competitive electricity supply rate, you first need to understand what's available.

One popular plan type is the variable-rate supply plan, which lets you pay the market price for electricity. The supply rate can rise or fall monthly. While some months will have lower rates, variable-rate supply plans do leave you vulnerable to spikes in electricity supply prices, such as increased rates during a summer heatwave.

You may want to avoid these supply rate changes with fixed-rate electricity plans, which offer the same per kilowatt hour rate for the length of the contract. With Just Energy in Waco, you can enjoy price protection from the unpredictable electricity market for as long as five years.

It's important to remember that when you buy an energy supply plan from a REP, you won't change your transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP). Oncor will still deliver electricity to your home or business, maintain all the local power lines and help you during a power outage.

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Nobody wants to pay high supply rates for electricity. You can't control Oncor's delivery fees, but you can shop for an electricity supply plan that might give you a different supply rate. If you want competitive Waco electricity rates and quality customer service, Just Energy is the provider for you.

Whether you're looking for a variable supply rate, short- or long-term price protection from fixed-rate electricity plans or green energy product options for your home or business, Just Energy can help. When you call, you'll speak to a specialized energy agent who can help you compare electricity prices and find a supply plan that meets your expectations.

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