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Odessa Electricity Rates Offer Variety

Do you feel like you're paying too much for your Odessa electricity rates? As a resident or business owner in Odessa, you might be able to compare electricity prices from retail electric providers (REPs)in your area. Odessa residents and business owners should take advantage of their power to choose a REP and compare electricity prices on supply. This opportunity may allow you to find different supply rates and a plan that you can be happy with.

In the early 2000s, state legislators deregulated the Texas electricity market, which includes Odessa. Now, whether you live in Ector County or Midland County you can compare Odessa electricity rates and find a supply plan that works for you.

When you shop for electricity supply rates, there will be multiple retail electricity providers (REPs) competing for your business. There's no single provider that will always offer the best Odessa electricity rates, so it is important to shop around. And while you shop, be sure to consider plans from Just Energy in Odessa, one of the leading providers of natural gas and electricity across the United States and Canada.

No matter what REP you buy electricity from, your transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP), Oncor, will still be responsible for the delivery of electricity to your home and the maintenance of all local poles and power lines. Also, you may contact your TDSP if any outages or hazardous electrical situations occur.

Choose from competitive Odessa electricity rates

As you compare electricity prices in Odessa, you'll see at least two types of supply rates offered in different contract lengths.

Fixed-rate electricity plans offer electricity supply rates that provide customers price protection throughout the  contract. You will pay the same amount per kilowatt hour of electricity you use. Fixed-rate electricity plans take away the possibility of monthly supply rate changes.

Variable-rate electricity supply plans can rise and fall along with the cost to generate electricity that supplies the Odessa market. At times, the supply rate of a variable-rate electricity plan may be lower than a fixed-rate supply plan, but at other times, the supply rate might be higher. These price hikes are more likely during electricity demand peaks, such as a hot summer in Texas.

There's no one electricity supply plan that is ideal for all 100,000 plus Odessa residents, so choosing among the variable- or fixed-rate electricity plans comes down to your individual needs. However, no matter what type of supply plan you're looking for, Just Energy in Odessa has products and offers for a range of customers. Whether you're looking for price protection, a low introductory rate or a green energy product, Just Energy has you covered!

Take advantage of your energy choices

When you get an electricity supply plan from Just Energy in Odessa, you're getting more than just competitive rates. An industry-trained agent will guide you through the entire shopping process. Give us a call today and see if we can help with a new rate!

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