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It's been more than a decade since the state approved legislation that deregulated Killeen electricity rates. Now, you and the more than 135,000 residents of Killeen can compare electricity prices from many retail electric providers (REPs). More options mean you have a better chance at finding a good supply rate. What's not to like?

What to expect from Just Energy in Killeen

No matter what REP you choose, electricity will reach your home the same way it always has, thanks to your transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP). In this case, Oncor will still take care of your power lines and will take action in the event of any outages or hazardous electrical situations you might report. This means you can shop around without worrying about changes to how electricity reaches your home. As you shop, be sure to look at Just Energy in Killeen, one of the largest retail electricity and natural gas providers in the United States and Canada.

As you compare electricity rates, you'll see a lot of supply plans with a total price per kilowatt hour (kWh) that varies, or that has a history of varying based on the plan’s historical information. These variable supply rates can change monthly, in some cases, in response to the energy market. Variable supply rates may be low at times, but because your supply rate can change on a monthly basis, it may just as easily be higher at times. During summer months, when temperatures often reach triple digits in Texas, you may see variable supply rates increase to account for increased demand.

Thanks to Just Energy, you have the ability to protect yourself from variable supply rate changes by choosing from fixed-rate electricity plans. With Just Energy, getting a price-protected electricity supply plan for your home or business is easy. When you call, a specialized energy industry agent can help you compare electricity prices and find a supply plan that fits your home or business needs.

Support the environment and local jobs with JustGreen

Just Energy in Killeen offers more than just variable-rate and fixed-rate electricity plans. If you're environmentally conscious, rest assured that no matter what supply plan you choose, Just Energy has a green energy product to complement it. This add-on, also known as a JustGreen product, allows you to offset some of your environmental impact without any changes in how electricity reaches your home.

Did you know the state of Texas is a national leader in the wind energy industry? According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), Texas ranks first in the country for installed wind capacity and has 43 active manufacturing facilities. When you buy a green energy product, you're doing more than just protecting the environment. Many local providers get green energy from Texas wind farms, so your green energy plan can help support local jobs too.

Choosing Just Energy in Killeen is easy

Whether you're looking for fixed-rate electricity plans, green energy products or a low introductory rate, Just Energy has you covered. So what are you waiting for? Call today to start shopping! We'd love to help you find an energy supply plan that properly fits your needs.

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