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You have the power to choose Edinburg electricity rates

When did you last take time to compare electricity prices on supply? If you didn't already know, Edinburg is part of Texas' deregulated energy market. So whether you live near University Drive or far from the city's center, you have an opportunity to shop Edinburg electricity rates and look for a better supply plan! 

Why should I compare electricity prices?

Are you unhappy with how much you're currently paying for electricity supply? If so, the only way to find out if there are other rates available is to shop around and compare Edinburg electricity rates and retail electric providers (REPs). As you shop, be sure to consider supply rates that are offered by Just Energy. In Edinburg, Just Energy offers competitive supply rates and quality customer service. Enter your ZIP code on our site to see what competitive supply plans and offers are available to you. You can also call us right now to sign up for a new electricity supply rate! We can help you find a supply plan that properly fits your home or business needs. 

When you switch Edinburg electricity providers, your transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP), AEP Central, will continue to own and maintain the power lines and poles that transport and deliver electricity to your home. AEP Central will also take action to resolve any issues related to power outages. 

You can choose from many Edinburg electricity rates

As you compare electricity prices in the Rio Grande Valley, you can choose a plan based on term length, rate, price or any other factors that are important to you. 

If you want to pay the market cost of your electricity supply, you may be interested in a variable-rate plan. Variable rates adjust according to seasonal and market factors; they can change as often as every month. You might take advantage of market lows, but might also be vulnerable to price hikes when demand peaks during events such as a summer heat wave. 

Just Energy's fixed-rate electricity plans can make budgeting a bit easier and offer price protection for supply for up to five years. Fixed rates give you an opportunity to pay the same amount for your electricity supply for your entire term. Your per kilowatt hour rate for supply will not change, despite what happens in the electricity market. 

Call Just Energy to find a new rate

Just Energy offers a variety of plans to appeal to customers with different electricity demands. With variable- and fixed-rate electricity plans and green energy products, Just Energy has competitive supply rates and offers to choose from. 

When you call Just Energy in Edinburg, you'll talk to an energy industry advisor who can help you compare electricity prices and find a supply plan that meets your energy expectations. It's that easy! Pick up the phone today and you could have a new plan in minutes. 

Sources: www.cityofedinburg.com. Updated: 11-2-15.

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