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Abilene may be better known for its many universities and Western Heritage Classic, but one of the city's best perks is the ability to compare electricity prices and shop around for retail electric providers (REPs). 

Whether you're watching football on TV or powering your air conditioner, there's no way to avoid using electricity. The least you can do is compare electricity prices for competitive Abilene electricity rates on supply. You might be able to find a supply rate that fits the needs of your home or business.

Why compare electricity prices?

Because the Abilene electricity rates market is deregulated, you have to purchase a plan from a REP. Before deregulation, local utilities, or transmission and distribution service providers (TDSPs), controlled the whole electricity supply process, from generation to transmission and distribution. Some parts of Texas and the United States are still regulated, and people in those areas don't have electricity choice. As a resident of Abilene, you should take advantage of your power to choose a REP and electricity supply plan that suits you. 

In Abilene, REPs compete with one another for your business. You can compare all types of supply plans and offers, including variable- and fixed-rate electricity plans, to find a product that works for you. Remember, no matter what provider you choose, AEP North will still deliver your electricity and take care of local power lines. Also, you should call AEP North in the event of an electrical emergency or outage. 

As you research Abilene electricity rates, be sure to take a look at Just Energy, one of the largest retail electric and natural gas providers across the United States and Canada. Whether you're looking for competitive rates or supply price security from fixed-rate electricity plans, our specialized energy team will help you find a plan. 

Try JustGreen with Just Energy in Abilene

Did you know Texas is one of the largest producers of wind power in the country? Taylor County is home to two of the largest wind farms in Texas, the Buffalo Gap and Horse Hollow wind farms. These wind farms produce clean energy and employs hard-working Texans. Thanks to Just Energy in Abilene, you have the ability to support these causes by buying a JustGreen product. This option allows you to offset up to 100 percent of your home or business electricity use and support jobs in Taylor County. So whether you're looking for green energy product options or long-term fixed-rate electricity plans, Just Energy in Abilene can help. Give us a call today to learn more! Our energy specialists can help you find a plan that works for you. 

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