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CenterPoint Energy: An Electric Distribution Utility in Houston

  • CenterPoint Energy service area: Houston and the Eastern United States
  • CenterPoint Energy Houston electric number: 1-800-332-7143

CenterPoint Energy is an electric distribution utility with more than 2 million customers in the Houston area. CenterPoint Energy and its affiliates offer electricity and energy-related services, and is part of a large company providing distribution service in Texas and across the eastern United States, including Arkansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi and Oklahoma. As an electric distribution utility in Texas, CenterPoint Energy is in charge of energy transport, distributing electricity from generation facilities to homes and businesses and maintaining power lines. CenterPoint Energy is the company to call if you have a power outage or see a fallen power line.

Do you receive energy service from CenterPoint Energy? Houston electric consumers have the freedom to choose their energy plan. In Houston, the energy market is deregulated, meaning that separate companies are responsible for energy supply and energy distribution. If CenterPoint Energy is your electric distribution utility, that company is responsible for your energy transport. However, another company is responsible for electricity supply. This other company is called a retail electric provider.

If you live in the CenterPoint Energy service area, you might want to consider purchasing an electricity plan from Just Energy. This company is one of many electricity retailers available to Houston area residents. Just Energy serves Texas as well as other areas of the United States and Canada.

Just Energy offers both fixed and variable supply rates to people in the CenterPoint Energy service area. A fixed supply rate stays the same every month. While your electricity usage might increase or decrease on a month-to-month basis, your price per kilowatt hour will be consistent. Any changes on your monthly bill will be due to fluctuations in energy consumption. You might prefer a fixed rate if you want a more predictable energy bill.

Signing up for a variable supply rate means your price per kilowatt hour might change from month to month. These cost fluctuations are a result of changes in the electricity market. The industry can be volatile, meaning energy supply and demand change often. Prices can rise if supply decreases or demand increases unexpectedly. Prices can shrink if supply increases or demand decreases.

Call today if CenterPoint Energy is your electric distribution utility. Just Energy has several options for customers of CenterPoint Energy. Houston electric consumers just need to pick up the phone to learn about energy plans and prices.

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