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Just Energy delivers affordable products and services to our valued customers that provide comfort, convenience, and greater control over your energy use.

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Tired of watching Texas electricity rates fluctuate? If you are not currently enrolled in a secured-price supply program, you may be missing our on some long overdue peace of mind. Just Energy offers long-term, secured-rate plans that can help shield Texas electricity customers like you from the ups and downs of the electricity market-- for up to five years! And best of all, your service will not be interrupted. You will continue to enjoy your electricity the way you always have, while Just Energy provides you with a secure rate and top-tier customer service

We Support These Texas Electricity Providers

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Staying for a while? Take advantage of our long-term electricity plans. Just Energy offers long- and shorter-term lengths so you can find a plan that works for your lifestyle. These flexible options are good for Texas residents who know they'll be at the same address for a few more years. Longer-term plans give you the opportunity to lock in better electricity rates for your home or business.

Explore Our Energy Plans

Just Energy's fixed-rate electric plans make it easy to take control of your energy prices and better manage your monthly budget. What's a fixed-rate plan? Fixed rate means exactly that-- your electric rate is fixed at a set price. You pay the same rate for your electricity every month for the duration of your contract. We have a variety of fixed-rate electric plans to choose from depending on the commitment you want to make.

Texas Advantage 24-36 Month Plan

Lock in your electric rate for up to 3 years. Choose the term length that works best for your lifestyle.

Rate Shield 60 Month Plan

Reap the rewards of secure, fixed-rate electricity plan for 60 months. Your rate won't increase for 5 years, no matter how the energy market is performing.

Looking for other plans? Enter your zip code in the search field above to see what plans and rates are available in your area.

How To Choose an Electric Provider in Texas

If your previous agreement has recently ended, it's an excellent time to switch energy providers and lock in a secure, low price with Just Energy. In addition to flexible and budget-friendly electricity for residential and business customers in Texas, we also offer green energy options and energy-efficient products to help you save energy and reduce your environmental footprint.

Speak with one of our energy advisors to find the plan that's right for you. Call 1-855-688-4911

Switching Electricity Providers

We know that switching energy providers can seem daunting. Will there be exit fees to pay? How does this affect my service? Will I lose power during the switch?

To make your lives easier, we've made it as simple as possible for you to switch energy providers. All you need to do is notify your previous provider that you're switching energy companies. If you're on an expensive month-to-month plan, it's an excellent time to switch and lock in a secure, fixed-rate plan with Just Energy. We'll handle everything from there.

Just Energy provides electricity via the following Texas companies: Oncor, CenterPoint Energy, AEP North, AEP Central, TNMP, and Sharyland.

How to Set Up Your Electricity Service When You Move in Texas

When you move homes, there are a few small steps you have to make sure your electricity service moves with you and get your new home set up with a new provider.

If you're continuing with Just Energy, simply contact our customer care team ahead of the move and let them know the details of your new address. They will be able to take care of the rest for you.

If you're switching addresses and electricity providers, remember to cancel your current electric plan before you leave. In advance of your moving date, contact your new provider and make sure they have all necessary details to get your account set up. Keep in mind that some energy companies usually charge a setup fee for new electricity delivery accounts and may also require a security deposit.

Does Your Texas Energy Provider Require a Security Deposit?

For new accounts, electricity distributors in Texas have the option to require a security deposit. Typically, deposits are required from new customers, but qualified customers may have the option to have the deposit waived. Speak with an energy advisor to discuss your options.

How Is Energy Deregulation Benefiting Texans?

Electricity rates can be unpredictable, making it hard to budget and plan for your finances. The good news is that Texas consumers have the power to choose their residential energy provider and take control of their energy rates.

Not that long ago, all utilities were operated as monopolies. One provider covered an entire region, and their customers had no other options if they needed energy. Fortunately, the Texas energy market has been deregulated.

Giving you more choice, the deregulation of Texas electricity splits your electric service into two distinct parts-- supply and delivery. This allows you to shop around for a new electricity supplier while keeping the same utility company for delivery and maintenance-- ultimately empowering you to find better rates and plans that suit your lifestyle.

What are the benefits?

Deregulation means you can find a local electricity provider with products that better serve you. Switch from one provider to another without interruption or complications to your service. Switch providers today without worrying about losing power!

Your Green Energy Company in Texas

Just Energy is proud to also offer Texas resident the chance to support renewable energy resources through green energy product options. Simply add the JustGreen option to any plan to help reduce your carbon footprint. With JustGreen on your plan, Just Energy buys renewable energy credits on your behalf to offset up to 100% of your home's or business's electricity consumption.

Cities We Serve

We are proud to offer Texas a variety of electricity plans for both homes and businesses throughout the state. To find out if we provide service in your area, just find your city from the list below:

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