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PPL Electric Utilities

Available in Pennsylvania

  • Area served: Central and eastern Pennsylvania
  • Outage or emergency: 1-800-342-5775
  • Pennsylvania Power and Light, or PPL Electric Utilities, serves approximately 1.4 million customers in 29 counties in central and eastern Pennsylvania. As a utility, this company transports electricity from energy generators to homes and businesses. Pennsylvania Power and Light also maintains the power lines used to transmit electricity. The company owns 48,000 miles of power lines, a distance that could stretch around the globe two times.

    Learn about energy deregulation

    Pennsylvania Power and Light operates as a utility in a deregulated energy market. Deregulated energy markets feature separate prices for electricity and the transport of electricity. While consumers automatically pay their utility, Pennsylvania Power and Light, for electricity transmission, they have the option to buy electricity itself from a different company. These other businesses that sell energy plans are called energy suppliers. By shopping energy suppliers, you might find a lower electricity rate.

    Consumers should not confuse PPL Electric Utilities with PPL EnergyPlus®. PPL EnergyPlus is a subsidiary of PPL Corporation and a separate company from the PPL that people know as the local utility. Whereas PPL Electric Utilities is the electric company that residents rely on to get the lights back on during a power outage, PPL EnergyPlus is a retail energy supplier that purchases and sells electricity and natural gas plans and renewable energy credits in deregulated areas. If you are a customer of PPL, PECO or Met-Ed in Pennsylvania, you might be able to purchase energy supply from PPL EnergyPlus.

    Compare PPL electric rates:

    PPL price to compare and Just Energy prices

    To find an energy plan that will save you money on your power bill, you need to determine the PPL price to compare. This price is the cost per kilowatt hour for electricity from PPL Electric Utilities. The PPL price to compare is what you use to compare your PPL electricity rates to plans by other suppliers.

    If you’re interested in an energy plan from a company other than PPL Electric Utilities, compare PPL electric rates with options from Just Energy. This energy supplier serves consumers throughout Canada and the United States and offers green energy options. Simply call the Just Energy number to compare PPL electric rates. An agent is happy to answer your questions and let you know which energy plans are available in your ZIP code.

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