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Important Facts to Know

  • Area served: Southeastern Pennsylvania
  • PECO emergency phone number: 1-800-841-4141
  • PECO customer service phone number: 1-800-494-4000
  • There are several electric companies in Pennsylvania. PECO is an electricity and natural gas utility operating in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. The company has been in business for more than a century. Utilities are in charge of shipping electricity from generation locations to residential homes and businesses. PECO operates 500 power substations and 29,000 miles of electricity distribution and transmission lines. It also manages 31 PECO natural gas gate stations and 6,600 miles of underground gas mains.

    This company boasts a commitment to caring for the environment. PECO has a large headquarters in downtown Philly at 23rd and Market Street. Since 1976, the PECO Crown Lights have spelled out more than 17,500 messages atop the building. In 2009, PECO introduced new eco-friendly Crown Lights. Now the building top features 2 million energy-efficient LED bulbs.

    If you are a PECO natural gas customer or electric customer, you likely live in a deregulated area of Pennsylvania. Deregulated energy markets feature separate prices for energy supply and energy transport. Those who reside in deregulated neighborhoods can buy energy from alternative energy suppliers instead of their electric companies in Pennsylvania. You’ll still pay your utility for the transmission of natural gas or electricity. However, you can choose another supplier for the energy itself.

    That freedom of choice is the main benefit of energy deregulation. Instead of automatically paying electric companies in Pennsylvania, such as PECO, for electric or natural gas supply, you can shop alternative suppliers. Compare PECO electric rates and natural gas rates with costs from other suppliers. You might find lower energy prices or other special customer service options. For example, some energy plans are available with special payment options, such as paperless and automatic billing. Some energy plans also come with offsets for green electricity produced by eco-friendly generators, such as wind or solar farms.

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    Commerce Energy is an affiliate of  Just Energy,a popular North American energy supplier, serving deregulated markets across the United States and Canada. Call to compare PECO natural gas and PECO electric rates with Commerce Energy prices. If you share PECO’s commitment to the environment, you might be interested in one of Commerce Energy’s plans with green energy options. Call today to speak to an agent. All you need to compare PECO electric rates and PECO natural gas prices with Commerce Energy is your ZIP code.

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