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Duquesne Light Company

What You Need to Know:

  • Area served: Southwestern Pennsylvania
  • Duquesne Light phone number: 1-412-393-7000
  • Duquesne Light Company is the electric utility for 584,000 customers in southwestern Pennsylvania. Its service area spans 817 square miles across Allegheny and Beaver counties. As a utility, Duquesne Light transports electricity to its customers and maintains the electric infrastructure in the area. Part of keeping power lines in working order is quickly fixing electricity service in the event of a Duquesne Light power outage.

    If concerned about their flow of electricity during a Duquesne Light power outage, customers can call the Duquesne Light phone number above. It’s especially important to call if you see a line down. If an electricity cable has fallen, immediately pick up the phone and call Duquesne Light – even if you aren’t personally experiencing a Duquesne Light power outage.

    Duquesne Light Company also acts as the default energy supplier to consumers who haven’t opted to switch to a competitive supplier. Pennsylvania is a deregulated state, meaning customers have the power to choose an energy plan from an electricity supplier other than their utility. Consumers who are happy with their electricity prices from Duquesne Light are free to continue with the company. However, customers who are curious about other options or who are seeking a change can shop electricity suppliers.

    The difference between Duquesne Light Company and electricity suppliers

    Electricity suppliers are different from utilities. These companies don’t manage power lines or physically deliver your electricity to your home or business, but instead offer a variety of energy plans to consumers in deregulated states. Different energy plans might entail different supply rates, service terms or customer service options. If you’re looking for a fixed rate, a long-term contract, green energy or alternative payment options, try shopping electricity suppliers.

    How to shop electricity suppliers in Pennsylvania

    If you’re looking for a new energy plan, first determine your current supply rate. This price is the amount of money you pay per kilowatt hour (kWh).  Look at your energy bill or call the Duquesne Light phone number above to learn your supply rate. Afterward, look at supply rates offered by Just Energy. You just might find a more ideal service term or customer service options.

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