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Columbia Gas

Available in Western, Southern Counties

  • Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania service area: Greater York and Western Pennsylvania service territories
  • Columbia Gas phone number: 1-888-460-4332
  • Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania is a natural gas utility serving the southern and western regions of the Commonwealth. It has more than 419,000 customers in 450 communities and 26 counties. As a utility, Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania takes care of the shipment of gas from generation locations to residential, industrial and government end users. Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania also maintains its 7,350 miles of pipelines. Call the Columbia Gas phone number if you experience a service outage. You should also call the Columbia Gas phone number if you suspect a gas leak.

    In Pennsylvania, consumers have the power to choose the company that sells them their energy supply. You can purchase supply with the utility or alternative retailers called natural gas suppliers. These businesses compete with one another and offer a variety of energy plans and rates. If you choose to buy your gas supply from a supplier, you’ll continue to receive service from Columbia Gas. The utility will still transport the natural gas to your address, but you’ll be purchasing the natural gas itself from a separate company. To compare Columbia Gas rates for supply with prices offered by suppliers, look for your price per therm on your utility bill.

    Compare Columbia Gas rates for supply to Just Energy's supply prices

    If you are looking to compare Columbia Gas rates on natural gas supply to prices from a supplier, try Just Energy. This company offers natural gas supply plans to consumers who live in the Columbia Gas service area. Just Energy has approximately 1.8 million customers throughout the United States and Canada.

    Just Energy offers natural gas supply at a long-term fixed supply rate. Unlike variable supply rates which might change month to month, fixed rates stay the same for the duration of your service contract. Fixed supply rates are useful if you desire a more predictable natural gas bill. Changes you see on your bill will be due to fluctuations in your gas usage, not the supply rate. This consistency is useful if you want to plan a monthly budget for your business or household.

    Call Just Energy to compare its supply prices to Columbia Gas rates. You just need your ZIP code to learn which energy plans are available in your area. Plus, an agent can answer any questions you have about Just Energy offerings, including green energy options.

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