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Switching Natural Gas Suppliers Is Easy

Thinking about switching your PA natural gas supplier? It can seem like a daunting process, but really it couldn’t be any easier to find a better natural gas supplier for your home or business.

All you have to do is look through the natural gas plans available to Pennsylvania residents and find a plan that suits your consumption. Then, simply inform your current supplier that you’re switching and we’ll take care of everything else.

You keep the same local utility company you already have, but get to benefit from better gas rates and other exclusive perks. So come and take a look at our natural gas plans and discover how Just Energy can help find an affordable plan today!

We Support These Pennsylvania Gas Providers

Compare Natural Gas Prices and Plans

Everyone likes to have choices. That’s why have several different natural gas plans for Pennsylvania residents to choose from. Whether you want short-term flexibility or long-term price security, we’re sure you’ll find a plan that piques your interest.

2-Year Price Protection Plan

Lock in your natural gas rate for 24 months.

3-Year Price Protection Plan

Secure your natural gas costs with a fixed rate for 36 months.

Price Protection Plans

With our Price Protection plans, you can choose a contract length of between 24-36 months and fix your natural gas costs for as long as you need. Secure an affordable gas rate in Pennsylvania with our fixed-rate Price Protection Plan. You get up to three years of peace of mind while avoiding month-to-month price fluctuations. You’ll never pay a cent more for the duration of your contract with us.

Not sure which term length suits you? Speak with one of our energy advisors to find the plan that’s right for you, right now!

Looking for Electricity Plans?

Just Energy isn’t just a natural gas provider. We supply electricity, too. Our wide variety of plan options allow you to save money by bundling your electricity and natural gas.

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The Benefits of Energy Deregulation

Giving you more choice, PA natural gas deregulation splits your natural gas bill into two sections—supply and delivery. Allowing you to shop around for a new natural gas supplier while keeping the same utility company for delivery and maintenance, it puts the power back in your hands.

What are the benefits? Deregulation means you can find a natural gas supplier with better rates and switch over without interruption to your service. Plan your budget without worrying about losing power!

Report an Emergency or Outage

If you’re currently experiencing a power outage, gas leak, or a power-related emergency, you can report it directly with Just Energy.

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