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Electricity rates can be unpredictable, making it hard to budget and plan your finances. The good news is that Pennsylvania consumers have the power to choose their residential energy provider and take control of their energy rates.

With Just Energy as your electric supplier, you can get fixed-rate pricing on your electricity for up to three years. It’s the smart way to budget more effectively and protect your home from variable rates in your area.

Just Energy works with several PA electric suppliers utilities, including Duquesne Light, PPL Electric Utilities, Pennsylvania Energy Co., and Columbia Gas to bring you the supply you need, but with customer care you can count on.

We Support These Pennsylvania Electricity Providers

PECO PPL Columbia Gas Duquesne Light

How to Choose an Electric Plan

Deregulation means that you can make more informed consumer choices and find an electricity plan that works best for you. But when it comes to picking a new electricity supplier, the choices can often feel overwhelming. So how do you choose an electric plan that suits your home or business?

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First of all, what’s your primary concern—budget certainty or trying your luck on the market price? If the former, a fixed-rate electric plan is the one for you.

Next, how long do you want the plan to last? If you’re starting a new business, a short-term plan might be the best option. Avoiding lengthy contracts may give you the flexibility you need for business growth should you need to switch locations. On the other hand, if you’re a permanent resident, our three-year offering might make more sense.

Finally, how do you want to power your home? The traditional electricity supplier route contributes a large amount of C02 into the atmosphere, while renewable energy sources can offset your carbon footprint.

At Just Energy, we provide competitively priced renewable energy and plans that work around you. So if you’re thinking about switching your Pennsylvania electric company, speak to one of our energy advisors. They will be happy to help you understand your options.

Just Energy Fixed-Rate Plans

Fixed-rate electric plans make it easy to take control of your energy prices and better manage your costs.

What’s a fixed-rate plan? Fixed-rate means exactly that—your electric rate is secured at the same rate for the duration of the contract you choose. You agree on the price beforehand and then lock into that price for the length of the contract. The price you pay on your utility bill won’t change until your contract is up. We have a variety of fixed-rate plans to choose from.

Select an Electric Plan

2-Year Price Protection Plan

Enjoy a fixed rate for 24 months with our Pennsylvania electric company.

3-Year Price Protection Plan

PA electric choice is yours: get a fixed rate for 36 months.

Need a Natural Gas Plan?

Just Energy isn’t just an electricity provider. We supply natural gas, too. Our wide variety of plan options allow you to save money by bundling your electricity and natural gas.

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Switching Energy Suppliers Is Easy

Regardless of your current electricity supplier in PA, you have the freedom to choose your energy company and your plan. Making the switch to a fixed-rate electricity plan from Just Energy is easy. Your electricity delivery will continue the same way it always has from your local utility or energy provider—with no interruption to your service.

Your new electric bill will arrive from Just Energy, with the same details as before and your costs protected by your fixed rate plan. To get started, simply enter your zip code in the search field above to shop for plans and switch providers online. Or give us a call at 1-855-481-1359 and speak with one of our energy experts.

Energy Deregulation Benefits

The beauty of deregulation is that it gives PA residents just like you the option to choose a new energy supplier while retaining the same utility company. You get to benefit from better rates from a competitive electric supplier like Just Energy, but your supply still comes from your local electric utility.

The best part? If you’re stuck on a rate that isn’t working for you, deregulation lets you switch to a more affordable plan whenever you like!

What Does Electric Choice Mean in Pennsylvania

Introduced in 1997, the Pennsylvania Electric Choice Program means that you have free reign to choose the company that generates your electricity. Letting you shop around for a PA electric supplier just as you would for your groceries, Electric Choice allows you to make more informed decisions about your energy consumption and find a plan that better suits you.

Whether you are looking for the lowest price, the most environmentally responsible option, or want a company that has customer service just a phone call away, the power is in your hands.

At Just Energy, we offer competitive rates, renewable energy and exclusive benefits to all of our customers—both business and residential. So if you’re looking for a new PA electric company, be sure to compare our rates in your area.

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If you’re currently experiencing a power outage, gas leak, or a power-related emergency, you can report it directly with Just Energy.

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