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Ontario Electric Rates

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Your Electric Supplier in Ontario

We offer cutting-edge energy innovations to more than one million customers across North America. In addition to our competitively-priced electricity plans, we also provide natural gas plans, green energy offsets, a rewards program, and energy-efficient products to help you conserve energy at either your home or business.

Take Control of Your Ontario Electricity Rates

Are you a residential or commercial customer in Ontario? Are you tired of unpredictable energy prices? Just Energy has competitive, fixed-rate electricity plans that can help you manage your costs and take control of your monthly energy bill. Sign up for a new plan to manage your budget with confidence and protect your home or business from unpredictable market prices.

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With Just Energy, you can lock in a fixed-rate electricity plan for up to five years. That means your electricity price is guaranteed for the length of your contract. You can sign up for free and cancel anytime by contacting us directly.

For Ontario power services, Just Energy works with the following local utility companies: Hydro One, Ontario Power Generation, Toronto Hydro Electric System, Bruce Power, and Hydro Ottawa.

We Support These Ontario Electricity Providers

Union Gas Enbridge Gas Kitchener Utilities

Choose a Plan That Works for You

Just Energy’s fixed-rate Ontario electric plans guarantee secure, competitive rates for up to five years. We have several plans to choose from, including the Ontario Price Protection and the flat-rate Ontario Predict-a-Bill™ supply plan. The choice is yours!

Why Just Energy Is Right for You

Just Energy serves nearly 300,000 energy customers in Ontario and almost 2 million throughout North America. With nearly two decades of competitive energy supply expertise, you can count on us to bring you convenient energy plans and cost-effective prices.

Don’t wait another day to see how Just Energy can help you with one of its many electricity plans. Call now for current rates and plans!

Need a Natural Gas Plan?

Just Energy isn’t just an electricity provider. We supply natural gas, too. Our wide variety of plan options allow you to save money by bundling your electricity and natural gas.

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Why Choose Just Energy?

  • We offer up to 100% renewable green energy options with JustGreen
  • We give you the choice of fixed rates, secure prices, and term lengths
  • We are committed to lowering your bill with competitive prices

  • We provide exceptional service without interruption to your electricity supply

We’re more than just an energy provider. In addition to our competitive rates on electricity, we also offer loyalty rewards, a dedicated customer service team, and energy-efficient products to make your life easier and help you save more on your energy bill.

Switch Energy Suppliers Without Interruption

You don’t have to worry about a thing when you make the switch to Just Energy. We’ll handle everything, and there will be no disruption to your current electricity service. You can cancel at any time for free by contacting us directly.

How to Set Up Your Electricity Service When You Move in Ontario

When you move homes in Ontario, there are a few small steps you have to take to make sure your electricity service moves with you. If you’re continuing with the same electricity provider, simply contact our customer care team ahead of the move and let them know the details of your new address. They will be able to take care of the rest for you.

If you’re switching both addresses and electricity providers, remember to cancel your current electric plan before you leave. In advance of your moving date, contact your new provider and make sure they have all the necessary details to get your account set up. Keep in mind that some energy companies usually charge a setup fee for new electricity delivery accounts and may also require a security deposit.

Does Your Ontario Energy Provider Require a Security Deposit?

For new accounts, electricity distributors in Ontario have the option to require a security deposit. Typically, deposits are required from new customers, but qualified customers may have the option to get service with their deposit waived. Speak with an energy advisor to discuss your options.

Why the Ontario Energy Market Is Deregulated

Not that long ago, all utilities were operated as monopolies. One utility provider covered an entire region, and their customers had no other options if they needed energy. Fortunately, the Ontario energy market has been deregulated.

Giving you more choice, the deregulation of Ontario electricity splits your service into two distinct parts—supply and delivery. This allows you to shop around for a new electricity supplier while keeping the same utility company for delivery and maintenance, ultimately empowering you to find better rates and plans.

What are the benefits?

Deregulation means you can find a local electricity provider with products that better serve you, and you can switch from one provider to another without interruption or complications to your service. Switch providers today without worrying about losing power!

Report an Emergency or Outage

If you’re currently experiencing a power outage, gas leak, or a power-related emergency, you can report it directly with Just Energy.

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