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  • Dominion East Ohio gas service area: Ohio.
  • Dominion East Ohio customer service line: 1-800-362-7557

With roots dating back to Colonial Virginia, Dominion Resources is one of the largest generators and transporters of energy in the U.S. More than 23,000 megawatts of Dominion power transmits over 6,400 miles of lines. When it comes to natural gas, the company's transportation and storage unit is known as Dominion Energy. Dominion Energy has more than 10,000 miles of transmission, gathering and storage pipeline. Its natural gas storage capacity exceeds 900 billion cubic feet.

Dominion power delivery, transmission and customer service operations are known as Dominion Virginia Power and Dominion North Carolina Power. Delivery, transmission and customer service pertaining to natural gas in Ohio is known as Dominion East Ohio, formerly The East Ohio Gas Co. Dominion gas companies in Pennsylvania and West Virginia are now known as Dominion Peoples and Dominion Hope, respectively.

Dominion East Ohio gas utility should not be confused with Dominion Energy Solutions. Dominion Energy Solutions is Dominion's retail supplier. Dominion Energy Solutions is based in Virginia whereas Dominion East Ohio is the utility operating locally in Ohio.

Learn about energy choice and Dominion gas in Ohio

Customers in Ohio can choose their natural gas supplier. Customer choice programs exist for customers of Dominion East Ohio, Duke Energy, Columbia Gas of Ohio and Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio. When you choose a natural gas supplier, your utility still delivers the natural gas to your home. However, by choosing a supplier, it's possible to get a new supply rate.

Ohio's customer choice program also allows for government aggregations. Under this plan, your local government selects a natural gas supplier for all residents. Enrollment may be automatic. If you want to shop for your supply rate or change suppliers, you may need to "opt-out" of the local aggregation. Learn more about local aggregation programs by contacting the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).

Shop Dominion East Ohio gas supply rates

Just Energy offers Dominion East Ohio gas customers several stable-rate supply plans. It's the same natural gas service from Dominion East Ohio, but Just Energy gives you a new supply rate. Stable-rate supply plans offer customers a level of predictability in their monthly bill that they don't get with Dominion East Ohio, which varies its supply rates every month. Unlike variable rate supply plans, a fixed supply rate isn't subject to energy market fluctuations. Secure your new supply rate in Ohio when you call Just Energy.

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