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Youngstown Electricity and Natural Gas Rates

Youngstown, a city recognized for its steel plants, manufacturing and energy production is home to approximately 66,000 people. Although the city isn't nearly as large as Cleveland, it's comprised of more than 100 neighborhoods. Whether you're a resident in Brier Hill, Idora, Crandall Park North or any other neighborhood you have energy choices.

In Youngstown, electricity and natural gas are restructured commodities. Restructured refers to the fact that your Youngstown gas company and electric company are not your only options for supply – in fact it’s synonymous with energy choice. In a city with energy choice, your local utility company (which for many Youngstown residents are Ohio Edison and Columbia Gas of Ohio) works with retail suppliers such as Just Energy. Now consumers who prefer competitive Youngstown natural gas prices and electricity supply prices instead of regulated supply prices can choose a plan from a retail supplier and still receive their supply without a disruption in service.

Why choose a retail supplier?

Depending on where you live in Youngstown, your township or Mahoning County may offer an electricity or natural gas aggregation program. Regardless of whether an aggregation program is already in place, you still have the ability to get competitive Youngstown electricity rates and natural gas supply rates.

Many residents take advantage of energy choice and have chosen to receive electricity and natural gas from a competitive supplier for more than a decade now. Although consumers are encouraged to explore their options, they are under no pressure or obligation to switch to a retail supplier.

Just Energy offers competitive pricing

Just Energy in Youngstown is one of your options for electricity or natural gas supply. The company offers Youngstown natural gas prices that customers can secure for one year, three years or even five years to avoid supply rate changes. Just Energy also offers residents in Youngstown electricity plans that are price protected.

As an alternative supplier, Just Energy offers innovative products, plans and competitive supply rates to meet customers’ needs. Even if you’re happy with your current electricity or natural gas rates it’s worthwhile to compare to Just Energy to see if there is a better plan or rate available for your home or business.

The plans available from alternative suppliers are unlike what utilities offer. Utility companies are regulated and don't usually offer variety. Retail suppliers work with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) to become certified suppliers. PUCO certifies suppliers to verify that they offer supply and meet standards. By choosing a PUCO certified supplier such as Just Energy you will receive reliable service, new products and rates, and access to energy professionals to help you with any questions regarding your account.

Environmental actions to take in Youngstown

Residents in Youngstown have the ability to engage in environmentally friendly behavior such as bicycling. The city website displays maps, trails and laws to help residents understand and take advantage of biking as an alternate method of transportation.

Like the city of Youngstown, Just Energy is involved in helping improve the environment. The company offers customers green energy products, which include renewable energy credits and carbon offsets. JustGreen products are likely available in addition to your secured rate electricity and natural gas supply plan.


Updated: 6-29-15.

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