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Wadsworth Electricity and Natural Gas Rates

Whether it's choosing an ice cream flavor from Bidinger's, a movie at Blue Sky Drive-In or a competitive retail energy supplier for your home or business, Wadsworth is a city full of choices. With a decision as important as selecting a retail energy supplier, how do you know that you're choosing the one that best fits your needs? As an Ohioan, you should take advantage of your power to choose from a variety of energy options. Just Energy can help you find Wadsworth electricity rates and natural gas supply options that fit your requirements. Since 1997, Just Energy has offered competitive natural gas supply rates and electric plans and serves about 2 million customers in North America and Great Britain.

How do I compare Wadsworth natural gas prices and electricity supply rates?

Since there are more than 21,000 Wadsworth residents, one energy plan can't fit the needs of every individual's household or business. Just Energy in Wadsworth may offer customers short-term and long-term plans with secured rates. A secured rate protects a supply rate from fluctuating with energy market price changes. It may offer more stability from month to month, and could help you budget your energy bill more efficiently. This type of plan may be available for both Wadsworth electricity and natural gas supply options.

Although aggregation may be available in Wadsworth, it’s worth taking the time to explore retail energy suppliers on your own. By participating in aggregation, the city will choose a supplier on your behalf and you may not be enrolled in a supplier that offers exactly what you’re looking for. By shopping on your own you’ll be able to find out the perks available to you. Just Energy for instance offers quality customer service, convenient billing and payment options online and via mail, and innovative products including renewable energy.

Although you may choose a retail energy supplier like Just Energy for electricity or natural gas, keep in mind that your local utility will provide uninterrupted service to your home or business. Also, your electric or natural gas utility depends on what service territory you're in. A specific Wadsworth gas company, such as Columbia Gas of Ohio or Dominion East Ohio, or Ohio Edison will deliver your energy supply. In addition, the utility is responsible for maintenance and repairs and should be contacted in the event of a power outage or gas emergency.

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Updated: 7-9-15.

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