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Van Wert Electricity and Natural Gas Rates

Van Wert, a city in northwestern Ohio, is fairly small compared to Cleveland or Columbus with a total of approximately 10,000 residents. Despite its smaller size, the city of Van Wert is similar to the larger cities in Ohio because it offers energy choice.

Energy choice has its advantages. In cities with energy choice, consumers can shop for electricity and natural gas and discover Van Wert natural gas prices and electricity supply rates they never knew existed. Prior to energy choice, residents in Van Wert did not have options for electricity or natural gas supply. Utilities such as AEP Ohio and Dominion East Ohio were in charge of all aspects of energy including generation, operation, maintenance and delivery services.

Since energy choice took effect near the end of the 1990s consumers like you gained the right to choose a plan from a retail supplier such as Just Energy. Retail suppliers are certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to offer natural gas and electricity supply to Ohioans. Each retail supplier offers different pricing, plans, customer service and sustainable solutions. To make sure you choose the right supplier, inquire about all of these points when examining your options.

Just Energy offerings in Van Wert 

In Van Wert, Just Energy offers different plan types. Plans include electricity and natural gas supply, long-term protection and more. Price protected products are popular among customers because they ensure customers’ supply rates stays consistent each month. Although usage patterns may change according to many variables including seasonality, rates will stay the same.

In addition, Just Energy offers green energy products. Green energy is available as an add-on to electricity and natural gas plans and involves renewable energy credits or carbon offsets. These products are optimal for customers interested in clean energy.

We offer a variety of plans to appeal to the different interests of customers but we also offer stable services that every customer is looking for in a retail supplier. We give our 2 million customers the quality customer care they’re looking for in a retail supplier. Customers can contact Just Energy with any questions regarding their account, plan or bill via phone or email. We also provide customers with useful tools such as My Account and the Eco-Centric blog.

Being a Just Energy customer means you’re joining the customer base of a company that aims to provide quality electricity and natural gas solutions to North America.

Compare Van Wert electricity rates and natural gas rates 

In order to decide which retail supplier offers optimal Van Wert natural gas prices and electricity supply rates consumers should compare their options. Consumers can receive supply rates from multiple retail suppliers such as Just Energy and compare prices to identify which supplier offers a plan and supply rate that fits their requirements and budge

Your utility relationship stays the same

The relationship between consumers and their Van Wert gas company or Van Wert electricity company stays intact regardless of the retail supplier they choose. This is the case for many cities with energy choice because utility companies maintain and operate the delivery systems, which include overhead and underground power lines and wires as well as underground gas pipes.


Updated: 6-30-15.

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