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Toledo Electricity and Natural Gas Rates

Wherever you live in Toledo, whether it’s along the western side of Lake Erie or more inland, the city gives you energy choice. This is just what it sounds like – consumers have options for their electricity and natural gas. Consumers can survey their options and choose a competitive retail supplier’s Toledo electricity rates and natural gas supply rates.

Not all 200,000 people in Toledo explore their options though. Many residents are comfortable with regulated rates through their local utility company or the city’s aggregation program. At the same time, many other residents take the time to look into the competitive retail suppliers in Toledo. Natural gas prices and electricity supply rates through retail suppliers are unique and priced competitively to attract consumers.

Learning about retail suppliers such as Just Energy helps residents discover potential options they were previously unaware of.

Just Energy in Toledo 

Competitive retail suppliers such as Just Energy are reliable and certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). Retail suppliers are an option worth looking into because they offer competitive supply rates, various plan structures, green energy products and have been working with Ohioans since energy choice began more than 10 years ago. Additionally, retail suppliers' primary responsibility is providing electricity and natural gas supply to customers.

Just Energy is one of your retail supplier options for Toledo electricity or natural gas supply. We serve approximately 2 million residential and business customers in the United States and Canada. Just Energy customers value the company’s offerings and take advantage of products such as price protection and green energy. Choosing Just Energy as your retail supplier indicates that you’re the type of consumer who values energy options, rate security and quality customer care.

Utility company duties

Unsure of who your Toledo gas company or electricity company is? It’s likely that Toledo Edison is your electric utility and Columbia Gas of Ohio is the natural gas utility in your area. These utilities, like many others in Ohio, offer electric and natural gas choice but also have other responsibilities.

Utility companies are responsible for delivering electricity and natural gas supply. Most often utilities own electric transmission lines and gas pipes. That means utilities are the only companies that can access such lines, therefore they are in charge of operating and maintaining the systems to deliver energy to residents in Toledo. Electricity and natural gas supply can come from numerous sources but regardless of your supplier your utility will always manage the lines and pipes above and below ground.


Updated: 6-22-15.

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