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Stow Electricity and Natural Gas Rates

Stow, Ohio, has more than 34,000 residents, several parks, a golf course and Kent State University Airport. This city, located just north of Akron, offers residents many services including water utilities, trash collection and recycling and an energy choice program.

Some residents in Stow may be familiar with their energy options, however, others may not. It's important that consumers know when they have energy choice and what it entails because it can lead to new supply rates, quality customer service and even green energy products. Energy choice means homeowners, renters, business owners and other customers can choose which company supplies electricity and natural gas to their home, apartment, store or commercial site. In Stow, electricity and natural gas supply are available from competitive retail suppliers such as Just Energy.

Shop for Stow natural prices and electricity supply prices

Shopping for electricity and natural gas supply may be a foreign concept because it's not every day that consumers look for these services. Shopping for Stow natural gas prices and Stow electricity rates on supply, however, is fairly easy and similar to shopping for television or phone service. With Just Energy, consumers simply enter their ZIP code and can view various plans, term lengths and rates for electricity and natural gas supply. Consumers can review their options and decide which plan structure and supply rate matches their energy and budget requirements.

Through exploring multiple Stow electricity and natural gas plans with Just Energy, consumers are able to identify the right plan for them and get started with new supply rates.

Just Energy in Stow works with your utility  

After exploring Just Energy's plan options, many consumers in Stow may want to enroll in a price protected plan. When consumers choose to receive supply from a retail supplier such as Just Energy or the retail supplier offering service through the city's electric and natural gas aggregation programs, they still remain connected to their Stow gas company and electric utility.

In Summit County, whichever utility serves your area is in charge of operating and maintaining the transmission and distribution system. In emergency situations, such as gas leaks or power outages, you need to report the situation to your utility immediately. Utilities can dispatch a crew to handle the situation and fix any glitches in the system causing a disruption in service.


Updated: 7-6-15.

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