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New Philadelphia Electricity
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New Philadelphia, part of Tuscarawas County, has approximately 17,000 residents. This city attracts new residents and visitors because of its beautiful location along the Tuscarawas River, Tuscora Park, the numerous activities and nature parks to explore and because residents can make their own energy decisions.

Not every consumer around the U.S. can make their own decisions about energy supply. Many cities do not have an open energy market, therefore, consumers cannot choose which company supplies their electricity and natural gas. However, in New Philadelphia, electricity and natural gas supply is available through multiple retail energy suppliers.

What are retail energy suppliers?

Retail energy suppliers joined the energy market when the state implemented energy choice. These companies offer competitive supply rates and various plan options. Each retail supplier may offer different New Philadelphia natural gas prices and electricity supply rates. This is because retail suppliers are vying for consumers’ business and offer competitively priced supply plans to appeal to a variety of customers.

Just Energy offerings

In New Philadelphia, Just Energy is one of your options for electricity and natural gas supply. Just Energy in New Philadelphia supply plans may meet your household needs and budget requirements.

No one likes surprises when it comes to bills. With Just Energy in New Philadelphia, electricity rates on supply and natural gas supply rates are price protected. Customers who enroll in price protection plans have peace of mind. They don't have to worry about supply rate changes on a monthly basis.

In addition to price protection, Just Energy in New Philadelphia electricity and natural gas options also include green energy products. JustGreen products include carbon offsets and renewable energy credits to offset up to 100% of your home's or business' natural gas or electricity consumption. Customers can add these products to their plan.

AEP Ohio and Columbia Gas of Ohio remain your utilities

After exploring your options with Just Energy you may find a plan that gives you different New Philadelphia natural gas prices and electricity supply rates than you're currently receiving. If you choose a plan from a retail supplier such as Just Energy, it's important to know that the utility that services your area still delivers your natural gas and electricity.

Just Energy is in charge of supply, customer service and billing and payment inquiries. Retail suppliers don't have access to the delivery system and therefore local residents stay connected to their New Philadelphia gas company and electric utility for delivery.


Updated: 7-1-15.

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