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Lorain Electricity and Natural Gas Rates

Live in or relocating to Lorain, Ohio? Lorain is home to approximately 63,000 residents and to one of the country's largest tubular operations facilities – the Lorain Tubular Operations. As a city that produces approximately 780,000 net tons of oil country tubular goods used in the energy and petroleum industry, it's not surprising that the city also provides energy choice.

What is energy choice? It's a regulatory ruling allowing consumers of all sorts – renters, landlords, homeowners, business owners, industrial operators and more – to choose an energy supplier. Retail energy suppliers offer various supply rates that are not regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, as utilities' supply rates are. Many consumers see the advantages of choosing a retail supplier and are happy with their new Lorain natural gas prices and electricity supply rates. In order to figure out if a retail supplier in Lorain is right for you and your household or commercial energy needs, learn about the products available to you.

Product Options from Just Energy in Lorain

In Lorain, electricity and natural gas supply can come from Just Energy, a retail supplier that offers products to customers across Ohio and across the U.S. In Lorain, electricity rates on supply are price protected. Price protected plans offer relief from worry about supply rates fluctuating monthly.

Lorain natural gas prices through Just Energy are also price protected. These plans span from one-year to five-years terms so customers can keep their supply rates for an extended period of time and not stress over constantly renewing contracts.

After exploring Just Energy in Lorain products, you may find that the company offers exactly what you're looking for.

How to handle electrical and gas problems in Lorain

Whether your utility is Ohio Edison, Columbia Gas of Ohio or Lorain-Medina Rural Electric Cooperative, these utilities manage the distribution systems in your area. Regardless of whether you participate in the Lorain electricity aggregation or natural gas aggregation program, receive rates from Lorain-Medina Rural Electric or choose a retail supplier such as Just Energy, the distribution company in your area handles all situations related to the functioning of your electric and gas supply.

If you notice a fallen power line, have no power or detect a gas leak, call your Lorain gas company or electric company immediately. If, however, you notice a traffic light in your neighborhood is not in service, you can contact the city directly.

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Updated: 7-7-15.

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