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Lakewood Electricity and Natural Gas Rates

Lakewood is part of Cuyahoga County along Lake Erie. The small city is home to approximately 51,000 people.–In Lakewood, electricity and natural gas supply is available through different companies. One option is the local utility company. Many Lakewood residents live in the Illuminating Company service area. Part of FirstEnergy, the Illuminating Company is a regulated distribution company in Ohio that generates, transmits and delivers electricity to consumers within its transmission boundaries. Your Lakewood gas company that offers regulated rates and delivers your natural gas may be Dominion East of Ohio, which is also a regulated company that focuses on natural gas service.

Both the Illuminating Company and Dominion East of Ohio are viable options for electricity and natural gas, however, you have more options to review. In Lakewood, electricity rates and natural gas supply rates are also available from competitive retail suppliers such as Just Energy or through the Lakewood aggregation program.

What does Just Energy offer in Lakewood?

Retail suppliers, such as Just Energy, are able to provide consumers with different rates than utility companies because their supply rates are not regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. Just Energy in Lakewood options vary and may appeal to you. Lakewood electricity options through Just Energy are price protected. Price protected plans are what they sound like – they protect your Lakewood natural gas prices and electricity supply rates from changing every month. With price protection consumers can count on a stable energy supply rate.

Whether you’re a renter or homeowner you can enroll in a Just Energy price protected plan. Plans vary in term length and rate. One-year plans may appeal to renters, whereas, homeowners might prefer to secure a plan for five years. Regardless of the type of customer you are, it’s important to recognize that Lakewood natural gas prices and electricity supply rates can change over time. Carefully consider the duration in which you would like to secure your supply rate to determine what's right for your situation.

Retail suppliers are reliable

Energy choice isn’t new to Ohio and neither are retail suppliers. Retail suppliers have been operating in the Ohio energy market since it was restructured. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) certifies retail suppliers such as Just Energy to help customers understand that the companies are reliable and credible. The list of competitive suppliers certified by PUCO may be long since many companies offer electricity and natural gas plans, competitive prices and advanced technology and products. With all of these options, Ohioans can choose which supplier and product is right for them.


Updated: 6-23-15.

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