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Geneva Electricity and Natural Gas Rates

Popular wineries, covered bridges and picturesque fishing and boating locations aren't the only things Geneva has to offer its residents. Located in Ashtabula County, just miles from Lake Erie's coastline, Geneva also provides its residents with energy choice. As an Ohioan, you should take advantage of your power to choose from a variety of energy options. Your area – whether you own a home or business – could have competitive Geneva electricity rates and natural gas supply options available to you.

As you shop around for Geneva natural gas prices and electricity supply options, be sure to consider Just Energy in your search. Today, not only does Just Energy serve 2 million customers in North America and Great Britain, but it is also one of the leading suppliers of electricity, natural gas and green energy. Just Energy in Geneva might be able to provide you with an energy plan that fits your home or business needs. Call us today to talk to an energy representative. We'd be happy to help you find the right energy plan!

Understand energy choice in Geneva

Ohio has had energy choice for more than 10 years. This gives residents the freedom to compare energy rates and choose a custom plan. Competitive Geneva electricity rates and natural gas supply rates could be available in your area.

Even though Ohio has energy choice there is a chance your area is participating in an aggregation program. Even if your city participates in aggregation, you can still choose a supplier on your own! To begin your individual research on Geneva natural gas prices and electricity supply prices that could be available to you, check out our services. You may find that you want to join the other 2 million Just Energy customers and get access to our innovative natural gas and electricity products and competitive supply rates.

What are alternative Geneva electricity rates and natural gas supply rates?

When you shop around and compare competitive energy offers, be sure to find a plan that you're satisfied with. With Just Energy in Geneva, you might have the option to choose a secured-rate energy plan. With this plan, you have the ability to pay a stable supply rate, which might help you better budget your energy bill and avoid price fluctuations in the energy market.

No matter what energy retail supplier you choose, your local utility will maintain your poles and power lines, as well as repair any damages. In your service territory, a Geneva gas company or electric company will continue to deliver your energy supply without any interruptions. In case of an outage or energy-related emergency, you should call your local utility so it can take proper action.


Updated: 7-8-15.

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