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Garfield Heights Electricity
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Are you one of the 28,000 residents in Garfield Heights? If so, you have energy choice. Whether you're a homeowner, business owner, tenant or another type of consumer, you have multiple options for energy supply.

Energy typically refers to two necessary commodities: electricity and natural gas. Without electricity, consumers wouldn't be able to turn on their lights and without natural gas (in a gas-heated home) they'd be unable to cook and would be pretty cold during the Ohio winter! To get electricity and natural gas flowing to homes, apartments or commercial buildings, consumers can stay with their local utility company or explore retail suppliers.

Know your options in Garfield Heights

In Garfield Heights, electricity and natural gas supply are available from different companies. Prior to energy choice Ohioans had no options for electricity or natural gas – these services were only available from utilities. Thanks to the restructured energy market residents in Garfield Heights can choose their electricity and natural gas to come from a retail supplier.

Energy choice is not new to Garfield Heights residents. In fact, consumers have chosen to participate in energy choice since the market became restructured more than 10 years ago. Residents search for a retail supplier and find Garfield Heights natural gas prices and electricity supply prices on their own. This gives consumers the ability to compare plans and rates and become familiar with all the options available.

Just like energy choice isn’t new to Ohioans, retail suppliers aren’t new to offering electricity and natural gas supply. Retail suppliers in Ohio are certified to offer these services by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). The PUCO offers consumers a list of certified suppliers to help them identify all of their potential options.

Just Energy is one of your options and is certainly not new to offering electricity and natural gas. The company has a long history in the energy industry and works with approximately 2 million customers across North America. As a competitive retail supplier, Just Energy offers various plans, competitive rates, easy payment options and access to energy professionals. Read more to learn about Just Energy in Garfield Heights.

Why choose Just Energy in Garfield Heights?

Since Garfield Heights electricity and natural gas services have been restructured, your list of potential retail suppliers may be long. To shorten the list, learn about each retail supplier and then compare your potential options. Retail suppliers such as Just Energy offer competitive Garfield Heights natural gas prices and electricity supply prices.

Just Energy is one of your options for supply and gives customers the ability to secure rates. The company also makes things easy for customers and allows them to access their account online, contact customer service via phone or email and learn about energy via the Eco-Centric blog.

Utilities still deliver your energy

In Garfield Heights many consumers live within the Illuminating Company and Dominion East Ohio service areas. These utility companies work with retail suppliers to ensure consumers are receiving supply from the company of their choice. Whether consumers choose their local utility or venture to a different company, such as Just Energy, utilities continue to deliver and manage the power lines and gas pipes. This is useful to know in case you experience an electrical or natural gas emergency. In these situations be sure to contact the Illuminating Company or Dominion East Ohio for assistance.


Updated: 6-27-15.

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