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Columbus Electricity and Natural Gas Rates

As the capital of Ohio, it comes as no surprise that Columbus is the largest city in the state with more than 800,000 residents. In addition to its large population, Columbus is also home to one of the largest universities in the nation, Ohio State University. Whether or not you’re a Buckeyes fan, being a Columbus resident means you have energy rights and options to explore.

Customer choice in Columbus 

In Columbus, electricity and natural gas are both restructured commodities. Energy choice in Ohio began in the late 1990s and affected utility companies and consumers all across the state, such as AEP and Columbia Gas of Ohio. In service areas with energy choice, Ohioans have the opportunity to explore the energy marketplace and choose a retail supplier. For instance, if you live in the service territory managed by a restructured Columbus gas company, such as Columbia Gas of Ohio, you can choose to receive natural gas from that utility company or search for a retail supplier such as Just Energy. Same goes for electricity.

Energy choice allows Columbus consumers to make their own energy decisions. Residents can choose among many competitive retail suppliers that are certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to sell electricity and natural gas. Residents may have many options at hand and it’s up to them to decide which supplier fits best. Some suppliers offer exclusive plans, innovative products, quality customer service and convenient billing and payment options. Be sure to learn about your options before choosing.

Just Energy in Columbus offerings

Just Energy is a retail supplier in Columbus with competitive Columbus electricity rates and Columbus natural gas prices for supply. We offer different products to appeal to many different customers. Depending on the type of energy supply plan you’re interested in, we may have a plan that fits you. Many plans secure prices to prevent monthly supply rate changes. Supply plans also vary in term length, therefore whether you’re interested in securing Columbus natural gas prices or electricity supply rates for one year or five years you can do so.

Retail suppliers work with your utility

Make sure to note that utilities maintain and operate power lines and pipelines. If there is an emergency in your area, contact your local utility immediately. Regardless of your retail supplier, power outages in the AEP or Columbus Power service areas should be reported to the AEP or the city immediately.


Updated: 6-16-15.

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