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Cleveland Heights Electricity
and Natural Gas Rates

Moving to or live in the 216? Not only are you a 20-minute drive from downtown Cleveland but you also have electric and natural gas choice. The city of Cleveland Heights, along with many other cities in Ohio, is open to energy choice, allowing consumers to choose which company supplies their electricity and natural gas.

Although not all 46,000 people in Cleveland Heights take advantage of energy choice, many do. Consumers can explore the energy market and discover Cleveland Heights natural gas prices and electricity supply prices from retail suppliers.

Retail suppliers give you competitive pricing and options

The city of Cleveland Heights has an aggregation program to help residents with some of their utility needs, however, residents are not required to participate in the city's aggregation program and are welcome to shop for a retail supplier and find Cleveland Heights electricity rates and Cleveland Heights natural gas prices offered by retail suppliers on their own.

Retail suppliers are companies that joined the energy industry in the 1990s after consumers received energy choice. These companies each offer different plan structures, supply rates, customer care and other services, which are why each company is unique.

Just Energy is a retail supplier in Cleveland Heights that offers electricity and natural gas supply. Consumers can view the company's plan options and choose a structure that fits best. Just Energy's plans vary in contract length and supply rate, however, consumers will find that the company offers many price protected plans. The company understands many consumers don't appreciate rate changes, therefore, it offers price-protected plans that secure rates.

If you're interested in price protected plans, quality customer care, easy billing and payment options or green energy, Just Energy may be the right retail supplier for you.

Get new energy rates

By shopping around and checking out Just Energy’s plan offerings you will discover new energy rates. Although you might be content with your current electricity or natural gas rates, each competitive supplier offers different supply rates.

To get new rates and enroll with Just Energy, call us now. We can sign you up so you can start receiving new rates, access to our quality customer service representatives, green energy products and more.

How to report emergencies

In Cleveland Heights your local electricity utility might be the Illuminating Company and your Cleveland Heights gas company is likely Dominion East Ohio. This information is useful to know in case of an emergency. Even after signing up with a retail supplier like Just Energy, if there's no power or there's a suspected gas leak, contact the utility immediately.

Utilities are responsible for Cleveland Heights electricity and natural gas delivery and have control over all distribution lines and pipelines. In order to get the emergency resolved as soon as possible you'll need to call your utility, not your retail supplier.


Updated: 6-29-15.

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