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Bedford Electricity and Natural Gas Rates

The city of Bedford is known for being less than a 30-minute drive to many popular attractions including Lake Erie, professional sports arenas, the Cleveland Zoo and even the airport. In Bedford itself, however, there are almost 13,000 residents who enjoy the Bedford Reservation, parks, festivals and the city square, and residents enjoy their ability to make choices.

Bedford residents can choose their phone service provider, Internet provider, home or auto insurer and their energy supplier. The ability to choose an energy supplier does not stand true for all consumers and all cities in the United States, but Bedford is one city that does offer energy choice.

Energy choice is a simple concept. It’s the result of a regulatory ruling that allowed competitive retail suppliers to offer electricity and natural gas supply. Previously, consumers were only able to get supply from their local Bedford gas company and electric utility. Now consumers have many options.

Depending on your address in Bedford, an aggregation program may be available to you for electricity or natural gas. Consumers are welcome to participate in an aggregation program if it’s available, however, they are also encouraged to search the market for other suppliers and find Bedford natural gas prices and electricity supply rates that may work better for them.

Just Energy in Bedford

In Bedford, Just Energy offers several plans. As a consumer in Bedford, electricity and natural gas plans through Just Energy may be the right move for you. Just Energy in Bedford electricity and natural gas supply plans are secured-rate supply plans. Secured-rate supply plans are valuable because they guarantee price protection. Consumers interested in rate security and avoiding the fluctuating supply and demand prices of these commodities are the best types of customers for secured-rate supply plans.

In addition to secured rates, Just Energy also offers green energy products, which can be added to plans and involve renewable energy certificates. Just Energy purchases renewable energy certificates on your behalf to offset up to 100 percent of your home’s electricity or natural gas usage. These products are known as JustGreen Power or JustGreen Natural Gas.

Serving markets and communities beyond Bedford

Just Energy is a competitive retail supplier in more cities than just Bedford. In Ohio, Just Energy offers products in Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Cincinnati and more. Additionally, our company’s 2 million customer base live or own a business in markets such as New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, provinces in Canada and even in Great Britain. We build strong relationships with our customers, the markets and communities we serve. For more information regarding Just Energy and your Bedford electricity and natural gas options, contact us today.


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