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Akron Natural Gas and Electricity Rates

Living in Akron, in the northeast region of Ohio, could mean Ohio Edison is the electric utility company in your area and Dominion East Ohio is your Akron gas company. If you live within these service areas you have freedom when it comes to choosing your electricity and natural gas supply.

Customer choice was put into place in Ohio in the end of the 1990s. Over time, this choice gave more and more Ohioans the opportunity to choose a supplier for electricity or natural gas.

Although energy choice gives consumers the opportunity to shop for Akron natural gas prices and electricity supply rates, residents are still able to receive the regulated rate option from their local utility company. The difference between supply rates from a utility company verses competitive Akron electricity rates and natural gas rates is that utility supply rates are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). In Akron, electricity and natural gas supply rates from retail suppliers can be priced competitively against other options on the market.

Choosing a supplier in Akron

Akron is a city with great nature and hiking trails, entertainment, activities, art, jazz and nightlife. Deciding how to spend a day or night in Akron may be a difficult decision. Akron residents face another tough decision for energy because they have many electricity and natural gas options to choose from.

In order to choose a supplier in Akron, consumers need to identify their electricity and natural gas needs. How much energy does your household or business typically use? Does a secured price plan or variable rate plan work best? Do you want a short-term or long-term plan? These questions are a good starting place to identify which supplier is the most appropriate fit.

Who is Just Energy Akron?

Akron electricity and natural gas plans are available through Just Energy, a retail supplier that supplies energy to Ohioans and residents in other states. We have been offering electricity and natural gas rates to residential customers since the late 1990s, giving our team years of experience helping customers like you find a new energy plan. In addition to our experience, we have a variety of quality services that appeal to customers such as an online account management tool, convenient billing and payment options and easy access to customer service representatives to answer all your questions.

Curious about our plan options? We offer a variety of plans so we can meet the wants and needs of many consumers. A popular choice among consumers is a secured rate plan that protects a supply rate from changing when market prices change. We also offer plans that vary in term length so customers can have peace of mind and not worry about renewing contracts after just a few months.

Whether you’re looking for Akron electricity, natural gas, secured rates or short-term or long-term plans, Just Energy may be the retail supplier for you.

Source: www.puco.ohio.gov.

Updated: 6-17-15.

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