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Electric Supplier in Ohio

Just Energy is focused on delivering innovative products and services to new and existing customers that provide comfort, convenience and more control over your energy use.

Why Should You Choose Just Energy?

Just Energy offers electricity to residents in deregulated areas of the state. We serve customers in service areas across the state including the following utilities: Dominion East Ohio, Ohio Edison, Columbia Gas of Ohio, Duke Energy, AEP, Dayton, First Energy-IC, and First Energy-TE. We offer a variety of plans in Ohio including secured-rate plans that lock in your rates and green energy product options. Our energy specialists can help you find the best plan for your household needs and budget.

We Support These Ohio Electricity Providers

Duke Energy Columbus Gas of Ohio Dominion East Ohio Ohio Edison Vectren Energy Delivery AEP Dayton First Energy-IC First Energy-TE
Need help choosing between plans? Speak with one of our trusted energy advisors to pick a plan that suits your usage and lifestyle.

Switch Energy Providers Without Interruption

Worried you might lose power or spend hours on the phone attempting to switch energy suppliers? Don't be. With Just Energy you can switch in 4 simple steps.

  • Compare our Ohio electricity rates
  • Find a plan that suits you
  • Inform your current supplier you're switching
  • We'll take care of everything else!

Speak to one of our Ohio electric rate advisors and discover a plan that works for you!

Compare Electric Rates in Ohio

Thinking about switching your energy supplier? Compare Ohio's electric rates and find the best option for your home and business. We provide competitively-priced renewable electric plans with flexibility built into their very foundations.

24-36 Month Plan, 2-3 years (vs. 1-2 years)

Secure affordable electric rates in Ohio with our fixed-rate electricity plans. Benefit from up to two years of peace of mind while avoiding month-to-month price fluctuations in the energy market.

  • Choose your term length, 1-2 years
  • Add JustGreen to offset your energy use
  • Pay the same rate for the duration of your plan

How Do You Benefit from Deregulation

Energy deregulation has created much-needed competition in the energy industry, providing customers with more choice, better service, and greater savings. Switch providers easily and enjoy friendly customer service, quick online enrollment, uninterrupted electric supply, savings on fixed-rated electric plans, and utility bills without surprises.

Living in a deregulated area, Ohio residents and businesses have the opportunity to shop around and find an energy supplier that best fits their needs. With competitive rates, renewable energy, and impeccable customer service, it's no surprise that Just Energy is a popular choice for the people of Ohio!

Cities We Serve

Just Energy is proud to offer electricity plans for home and business throughout the state of Ohio. Want to know if your city is one we serve? Simply select your city from the list below for more detailed information on our services in your area:

Don’t wait another day to see how Just Energy can help you with one of its many electricity plans. Call now for current rates and plans!

Ohio Natural Gas

Did you know that we also offer incredible rates on natural gas, as well? With a fixed-rate natural gas plan bundled with your home's electricity, you can stay toasty no matter how cold it gets during the frigid Ohio winters without worrying about what unstable energy prices are doing to your budget. Check out our plan options for natural gas-- you might be able to save on your energy costs when you bundle your services.

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The Right Power Company in Ohio

High energy bills can sneak up on you when you least expect it, even if you have a tightly balanced budget and monitor your use. Whether it's a highly electric bill in the summer or a shocking gas bill in the winter, there's typically at least one surprise month that throws a wrench in those financial plans.

Well, wouldn't it be nice to have unlimited electricity and natural gas supply for the same price each month? Now you can.

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With Just Energy Unlimited you can save yourself the stress from unpredictability by knowing exactly how much you'll spend each month on your electricity and natural gas supply for three years, regardless of how much energy you consume. You can even choose environmentally responsible electricity and natural gas with the option to offset 100% of your energy use. No more surprises, no more guessing games, no more sacrificing comfort for the sake of your wallet-- and on top of that, you'll be certain of how much you have left to spend on the fun stuff.


In addition to secured-rate plans for electricity and natural gas supply, Just Energy also offers green energy product options and supports a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Just Energy customers have the option to add JustGreen to any product to help the environment and incorporate sustainability into their lifestyle.

Report an Emergency or Outage

If you’re currently experiencing a power outage, gas leak, or a power-related emergency, you can report it directly with Just Energy.

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