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PSEG: Public Service Enterprise Group

  • Service area of PSE&G: NJ
  • PSE&G phone number: 1-800-436-7734
  • PSEG, or Public Service Enterprise Group, is a holding company with four subsidiaries. Its headquarters is in New Jersey and it is one of the 10 largest electricity companies in the United States. As of 2013, PSEG’s total assets amounted to $32.5 billion and annual revenues were $10 billion. The company employs roughly 12,000 people and it ranked 267th on the 2013 Fortune 500 list.

PSE&G: A PSEG subsidiary

PSEG’s main subsidiaries are Public Service Electric and Gas Company, PSEG Power, PSEG Long Island and PSEG Services Corporation. Public Service Electric and Gas Company, or PSE&G, is a utility and the largest of the subsidiaries. It’s one of the oldest electricity and natural gas companies in the U.S. and is New Jersey’s largest and oldest utility. PSE&G serves almost three-quarters of New Jersey residents in a 2,600-square-mile service area. Approximately 1.8 million gas consumers and 2.2 million electricity consumers in more than 300 communities and six cities depend on PSE&G for service. PSE&G is in charge of energy transmission and distribution in its service area.

As a utility, PSE&G is also responsible for maintaining its power lines and gas pipes. Therefore, if you experience an outage, see a fallen line or suspect a gas leak, you should call the PSE&G phone number. If you have questions about your utility bill, you can also call the PSE&G phone number.

Consumers in New Jersey have the freedom to buy energy supply from their utility or third-party suppliers. This freedom of choice allows customers to shop for their preferred energy supply prices. Commerce Energy, part of the Just Energy family of companies, is a supplier in the PSE&G territory that offers fixed and variable supply rates. Fixed supply rates remain the same each month so you know what supply rate to expect for the whole length of your contract. Variable rates may change from month to month, depending on the energy market. This fluctuation can save you money when the market rate is low though it’s good to remember that the market rate could go higher too.

If you want to compare PSE&G prices to Commerce Energy supply rates, look for your price per kilowatt-hour or per therm on your utility bill. Then pick up the phone and call Just Energy to speak to an agent. You only need your ZIP code to compare electricity or natural gas plans available in your neighborhood.

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