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RG&E: A New York Electric and Natural Gas Utility

  • RGE service area: Rochester, N.Y., area
  • RGE customer service: 1-800-743-2110
  • Rochester Gas and Electric, or RG&E, is a utility so it takes care of energy transmission and distribution in its service area. Rochester Gas and Electric also maintains power lines and gas pipes, making it the company to call if you experience an outage or see a fallen line. Call the RG&E phone number above if your service is interrupted or you experience an energy-related emergency. You can also call the telephone phone number if you have questions about your energy bill. RG&E has 371,000 electricity customers and 307,000 natural gas customers, and its service area consists of nine counties surrounding Rochester, N.Y.

Learn about Rochester Gas and Electric and deregulation

Even if you’re happy with your RG&E electric rates, it’s helpful to know about energy deregulation. New York has a deregulated energy market, meaning the costs for energy supply and energy transmission and distribution are separate. Your utility, Rochester Gas and Electric, takes care of transmission and distribution. However, in New York, you have the freedom to shop other businesses for your energy supply. These different businesses are called energy services companies, or ESCOs. You can either continue purchasing your supply from RGE or you can look for alternative supply rates from an ESCO. Either way, Rochester Gas and Electric will still be your utility.

If you are unhappy with your RG&E electric rates for supply or RG&E natural gas prices on supply, or you simply want to see what else is out there, you should look at ESCOs. Just Energy is a popular ESCO that serves New York, as well as other parts of the United States and Canada. In fact, Just Energy has more than 1.8 million customers throughout North America.

Compare Just Energy supply plans with RGE electric rates or RG&E natural gas prices. Just Energy has a variety of energy plans that might suit your home or business. This ESCO offers variable and fixed supply rates. Variable supply rates can possibly change each month. These fluctuations are due to changes in energy supply and demand. Increases in supply and decreases in demand will shrink variable rates. On the other hand, decreases in supply and increases in demand will cause prices to spike.

Fixed supply rates remain the same each month for the duration of your contract. Changes to your energy bill will reflect increases or decreases in your energy consumption rather than a supply rate change.

Call Just Energy today to shop electric and natural gas supply costs. Learn about options other than RG&E electric rates for supply and RGE natural gas prices for supply. All you need is your ZIP code to learn about available energy supply plans. Plus, knowledgeable agents can answer any questions you have about Just Energy plans.

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