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Orange and Rockland Utilities

Available in New York

  • Orange and Rockland service area: New York, northern New Jersey and northeastern Pennsylvania
  • Orange and Rockland phone number: 1-877-434-4100
  • Orange and Rockland, or O&R, is an electricity and natural gas utility, serving more than 400,000 customers in the northeastern United States. Utilities such as O&R are in charge of energy transmission and distribution – the shipping of electricity and natural gas from generation facilities to residential and commercial end users. Utilities also maintain power lines and gas pipes, making them the company to call if you experience an outage or see a fallen line. Call the Orange and Rockland phone number above if your service is interrupted or you experience an energy-related emergency. You can also call the Orange and Rockland phone number if you have questions about your energy bill.

Orange and Rockland Utilities customers can shop Just Energy supply rates

Just Energy is a popular energy supply retailer, serving consumers throughout North America. In fact, this company has almost 2 million customers in the United States and Canada. Just Energy offers a variety of energy supply plans and specializes in green energy products. If you live in the O&R service area, it’s likely you can also be a Just Energy customer.

Just Energy electricity plans come with different types of supply rates, including fixed and variable. Fixed energy supply rates don’t change for the duration of a customer’s contract. Consumers pay the same supply rate each month. Any changes on their bill reflect increases or decreases in energy consumption. Fixed supply rates are ideal for customers who want a more predictable bill. These rates are helpful when planning household or business budgets because consumers know what to expect each month.

Unlike fixed supply rates, variable supply rates can change during a customer’s service term. These rates are harder to predict since they are affected by the changing energy market. The industry is dynamic, meaning supply and demand are constantly changing. Increases in supply and decreases in demand shrink variable supply rates. Decreases in supply and increases in demand can cause supply rates to rise. These fluctuations are brought on by extreme weather and other unpredictable events. For example, a snow storm can cause consumers to crank up their heat and use more energy. Likewise, a heat wave will result in more air conditioning usage.

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