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Natural Gas and Electric Supply Rates for New Yorkers

  • Area served: Upstate New York
  • NYSEG phone number for power outages: 1-800-572-1131
  • NYSEG phone number for natural gas emergencies: 1-800-572-1121
  • NYSEG is a utility with 881,000 electricity customers and 263,000 natural gas customers. The company’s service area spans more than 40 percent of Upstate New York. Utilities are in charge of transporting energy from generation facilities to homes and businesses. Part of this responsibility includes power line maintenance.

Call the NSYEG phone number for assistance

As a utility, NYSEG is the company to call if you experience a power outage. Call the NYSEG phone number above if your electricity or natural gas service isn’t working. You can also check online for restoration updates. NYSEG has a power outage map and list for the latest information regarding your energy service. Instead of waiting indefinitely to have your power restored, you’ll know when you can expect your NYSEG natural gas or electric service to resume.

Compare NYSEG electric rates and natural gas rates for supply

If NYSEG is your utility, it’s likely you live in a deregulated area of New York. A deregulated energy market means you don’t necessarily have to pay NYSEG for both energy transport and the energy itself. In New York, these costs are separate so you have the freedom to choose another company for energy supply. NYSEG will still make sure electricity and natural gas flow to your home or business, but your energy supplier can be a second party. Even if you’re happy with your NYSEG natural gas rates or electricity price, it doesn’t hurt to explore other options.

The main benefit of deregulation is you can shop for different energy prices. Compare NYSEG electric rates or NYSEG natural gas rates for supply with costs from other suppliers. If you find a lower rate, you can potentially save money each month on your energy bill. After you compare NYSEG electric rates or NYSEG natural gas rates for supply, also look at contract specifics. You might prefer a long-term rate, green energy or customer service options that better fit your lifestyle.

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