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National Grid

Learn about National Grid Electric and Gas Services

  • Areas served: Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island
  • National Grid phone number: 1-800-867-5222
  • Approximately 7 million consumers receive their energy from National Grid. New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island customers depend on National Grid gas and National Grid electric services for their homes and businesses. National Grid, in NYC and other areas of New York, manages the flow of electricity and natural gas, as well as the upkeep of power lines and pipes.

What to do during a National Grid power outage

Regardless of their utility, customers sometime experience power outages and you might have one with National Grid. New York residents can call the National Grid phone number above if they are concerned about their energy service during a blackout or brownout. During a National Grid power outage, the company works to quickly restore service. While your home or business may not be experiencing a National Grid power outage, you might notice a fallen line. These loose cables are potentially dangerous, so you should call the National Grid phone number as soon as possible to report the downed line.

How National Grid customers can shop energy suppliers

Do you receive service from National Grid in NYC or another deregulated city? In areas of the U.S. where energy is deregulated, consumers have the freedom to shop competing electricity suppliers because the price for energy itself is separate from the cost to transport energy. If you receive National Grid gas or National Grid electric service, you might live in a deregulated ZIP code.

Consumers can decide they no longer wish to pay the supply rate from National Grid in NYC or other areas. Instead of paying National Grid for both your energy supply and the cost to deliver your energy, you can shop energy suppliers (also known as energy service companies, or ESCOs). Once you switch to an ESCO, you’ll still receive National Grid electric or National Grid gas service. This utility will maintain the flow of energy, but you’ll pay a supply rate to a company other than National Grid. New York consumers may benefit from shopping energy suppliers; they might find lower rates, green energy or other customer service options.

If you get service from National Grid, in NYC, Long Island or Upstate, call Just Energy to shop energy supply rates. You may find that Just Energy offers an energy plan that is better tailored to your needs.

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